Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CuriosityCat is proud to announce that it supports Bob Rae for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, and next prime minister.

It is the Cat's view that Rae has most of the attributes one could wish for in a prime minister, and that he will help Canada regain its place as a voice of reason, compassion and civilization in this somewhat troubled world.

Bob Rae also is the best choice to unite the fractious Liberals, still suffering from the Martin-Chretien civil war.

Bob Rae also appeals to Liberals across the country, and, for good measure, will in the Cat's opinion draw substantial votes from the NDP, who have now seen the folly of Jack Layton's hubris-induced inability to tell the difference between a government headed by a rightwing party with a regressive and rather primitive social agenda, and the inclusive, diversity-tolerant party which is the Liberal Party. Layton cannot escape his role as the midwife at the birth of Stephen Harper's ultra conservative government: he will pay for this come the next election. However, of all the leadership candidates, Bob Rae's personality and political beliefs is best suited to converting those Dippers who have lost faith in Layton's political compass from disillusioned to actually voting for Liberals.

In Quebec, Rae will be seen by many as a man who understands the aspirations of most of the citizens there, even though he is a staunch federalist. Under his leadership, expect the numbers of seats captured in that province by the Liberals to jump.

In Ontario, many voters will remember the impact on that province of the rightwing governments, and their lack of concern for the voters, and policies favouring the wealthy at the expense of those less well off. These voters will contrast Rae's well balanced policies, with the dictatorship of Harper and his publicly announced intentions to change Canada so that it resembles the "I'm OK, forget the rest" policies of Bush and the Republicans. They will understand who will lose if Harper gets a majority government, and the cities and suburbs will flock to the polling booths to restore to Canada a more centrist government. Expect many gains in seats in Ontario.

Finally, Bob Rae is the best suited to fight the new Tories of Harper, no matter what gutter tactics they might resort to. He will not be tongue-tied in calling them on their distortions, and will take the fight to them, every day and in every way.


  1. Curiousity

    Great to see you started a blog! I look forward to some thoughtful posts :)

  2. Great endorsement! I'm glad to see that the ranks of Bob endorsers has now swelled to seven.

  3. Nah! Since you live out west you may not be aware of what a screw up his gov was in Ontario. Nice guy, obviously smart but one of George Orwell's intellectuals of whom he said there is nothing ridiculous enough that they wouldn't say it. A plumber or a nurse would have more common sense.
    Something like that.

  4. Ligneus, I browsed through your website. You are right: judging from the entries in your site, even Attilla the Hun would barely meet your criteria for prime minister of Canada. So I understand why you do not agree that Bob Rae would make a fine prime minister...

  5. Attila the Hun, what a great idea! He'd know how to deal with the Islamo-Fascists.
    Though I'd accept John Howard.
    Or mad John Bolton, there are good people around.
    How would you feel about Churchill for leader about now?


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