Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Significant clean energy thrust by Liberal Party

In an email to Liberals, Ignatieff summarizes the thrust of the new clean energy commitment of the party as follows:

"It starts with the most significant national investment in clean energy jobs this country has ever seen, including:

 Effective incentives that encourage new renewable power projects

 Landmark investments in clean energy infrastructure, especially smart grids

 Expanded incentives for wave, tidal, geothermal, biomass, and other renewable technologies

 Canadian proposals for a continental cap-and-trade system, with hard caps, so we’re driving the agenda not just reacting to Washington

 Aggressive investment in emerging technologies that clean our fossil fuels, such as carbon capture and sequestration

 Mandatory clean energy standards across the federal government (so that government vehicles will be cleaner, government buildings will be energy-efficient, and telecommuting is introduced into our public service to keep cars off the road)

 Above all, a relentless commitment to power Canada on clean energy."

This is a welcome policy by our future government, and drags Canada into the forefront of the fight against global heating, instead of surreptiously trying to sabotage world wide efforts as the Tory government appears to have been doing.

It is important to note that this policy commitment achieves two important objectives: it positions our country to take a leading role in the fight to save our planet, and it will help create new jobs for Canadians to replace the hollowing out of our industrial base which has taken place over the past quarter of a century. Many of these new jobs will be in Canada, and a big whack of the products and services we will develop in this new clean energy industry will bolster our exports, creating more wealth for our country.

If we tackle this new clean energy commitment in the right way, it will help Canada's moral authority in the world, a coinage seriously debased by the Luddism of the current Tory government under Harper's leadership. The old Tory party had a much wider view of Canada's role in the leading the world on to better things; under Harper's watch this has been changed to one of obstruction, denial of facts, and sabotage.

Harper and his Luddites squandered an opportunity to enter this new clean energy industry by targeting an adequate portion of the stimulus package to this industry. Now it is up to the next Liberal government to clean up this Tory mess.

Ignatieff's full speech can be found here.

Another hat tip to the Liberal Party!


  1. This is TERRIBLE policy and TERRIBLE politics. Look at what this Liberal blogger has to say:
    And he isn't the only one pointing out how bad this really is.

  2. Laforet is out to lunch: the policy is sound and achieves the aims I set out above.

  3. I watched the speech and have read the notes.

    Here is the disconnect.

    The Liberal Party has promised not to raise taxes or cut spending. They also promised not to cut transfers to provinces.

    The models your leader boasts including Germany, US, Denmark spent Billions (more per capita) than Canada.

    How are the Liberals going to pay for largest investment "green technology"?

    In one breath the debt, deficit is out of control and the Liberal promise to tackle the fiscal crisis without repeating the Chretien/Martin cuts.

    Is it possible Liberals think the Canadian voter are really stupid?

  4. Liberals don't, Ignatieff and his moron advisers do. And don't blame us, we didn't elect him.

  5. Insteading of trying to re-invent "green" initiatives why does Ignatieff not just take notes and participate in ones that are already underway with OUR tax dollars. He is behind the curve.
    Starting next week in Ottawa:
    “The Summit will bring together entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists, investment bankers and policy makers to discuss the critical role that environmental technologies are playing in addressing climate change and helping transform the Canadian economy ”

  6. The point - dear luddites - is that the investment (even the same amounts that are being spent now - or even less) would be spent... ummm... errr... how should we phrase this? WISELY.

    Instead of spending on the useless Conservative pet projects (the NRA, tax handouts to the rich, special interest groups, mega-oil corps, etc.), we would direct funds directly into job creation, and job creating industries. We wouldn't pump more money into a plummeting industry where projections say prices will continue to drop over the next couple of years (and falsely incent young couples to throw away their life savings at "investments" that will be worth far less in a few years).

    We will create incentives for industries that will make Canada a green leader - WHILE creating JOBS. Not "McJobs" like Harper has barely eeked out. High tech jobs (remember - Cons think "science" is wrong, and scientists are just "ivory tower elitists") will put Canada at the forefront of the new era of "knowledge industry" - Something the Conservative "brain" doesn't have the ccs to understand...

  7. Thanks, WesternGrit, and well said!

  8. Could you describe exactly what a "green job" is - what training does one need and where would a person go to be trained for a "green job"?
    Are these private sector green jobs or government?

    And since energy creation and power grids and all of those good things are provincial jurisdiction does Ignatieff plan also to overide the constitution to dictate to the provinces or take over the full management and funding of same?

  9. Cat

    When did trashing people with low skilled or low paying jobs become the "norm" for the liberal party?

    Who believes the Federal Government should be the largest employer still?

    Does this mean the Liberals will not support bailouts for the forestry (low skilled) jobs in QC?

    Are those mcfarmers and mcfishers going to attach windmills or solar panels on their tractor or boats?

    This Greenshift 2.0 will backfire, because Iffy has boxed himself in already regarding taxes and spending cuts.

    Are those new "green" jobs reserved for engineers and university graduates who will be hired to change bulbs in those targeted Federal buildings?


  10. Actually, Western Grit's explanation is terrible. First, the NRA is American. Second, when you write about ending "tax handouts to the rich" Ignatieff has talked once about this, so their no Liberal Plan to finance this big spend this way. Third ... oh never mind, the points he raised are almost entirely fallacious, at least as a defense of this policy. Why is it whenever Iggy screws up it takes most Liberal bloggers six months before they figure this out.

  11. Canada highly rated in improving energy efficiency

  12. Another example of why the Liberal party is going nowhere. Sycophants like C-Cat should take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves whether peddling this stuff is doing anyone any good.

  13. I'm not so sure I would describe C-Cat as a sycophant. This particular post is way off. And describing Western Grits comments as "well said" doesn't make any sense. However, C-Cat can call a spade a spade when necessary.

  14. anon @12:24 link:

    ''PARIS -- Canada shouldn't be portrayed as derelict in the fight to reduce climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions, the International Energy Agency said here Wednesday.

    A new IEA report said Canada has one of the highest rates of energy consumption among industrialized countries,
    but the agency also said Canada is also a stellar performer in improving energy efficiency.''

    Libs are once again too little too late.
    You really should pay attention to what the Harper Govt has acheived on the enviro file,
    and quit listening to yourselves.

  15. Wilson

    Cat is one of the best lib bloggers with posts critical of everyone.

    He is not a parrot for the liberal party and was critical of many mistakes made this summer.

  16. wilson is dead wrong. We are behind in many many areas and he just picked out one example where we are not. The upcoming Denmark conference has pointed to Canada as a laggard in things green
    And we all know Harpo's idea of a green economy is spreading money around like fertilizer with his party's name on all the checks.

    Typical tory nonsense.

    Grit girl's post was dead on.

    Canadian nonsense is not worth responding to.

  17. Anony-mouse 12:21... You obviously didn't quite understand the reference to the NRA. Sure the NRA is American. It also has it's talons/tentacles extending DEEP into Conservative/Reform/Alliance Party strategy/policy. The Con-bots are spending millions of OUR dollars paving the way for a pro-gun Canada. They have MPs dedicating long hours (which we pay for) finding ways to appease gun nuts - not just decent, law abiding hunters and farmers... The NRA draws money from this Canadian government... Just count the ways.

    What are "green jobs" some other "anony-mouse" asks...? Well... let's see how we can explain this. I'm NOT talking about jobs for your much hated "ivory tower elitist" crowd (funny you luddites can poke fun at your own doctors, the people who teach your kids, etc., that way)... the PhDs and MScs/MAs... NOPE, I'll give you an example:

    I deal with a biodiesel manufacturer who recycles used cooking oil in the Lower Mainland of BC. The guy who drives the truck to pick up waste oil around the city is no PhD. The mechanic who converts the truck, and keeps it running is no PhD. The construction workers who work on EVERY green project aren't necessarily PhDs. The ancilliary industries that spring up around "green corridors" (service, repair, tech support, call centers, health centers, etc.) aren't all comprised of PhDs either. These jobs are all part of, and/or related to the knowledge industry.

    Nice of you guys to try to create the "us-them" "elitist-normal people" divide. It won't work. Fact is, liberal (small l on purpose) parties and policy are THE strongest voice for the ordinary person. The working class and middle classes and small business. Conservatives around the world are for the tax regimes and banking systems that support the upper 2%-5% of the population... the "mega rich"... The very same people who have destroyed the global economy today. Calgary (lived there for years) is chock FULL of these snake-oil salesmen types...

    Canada is just a couple of years behind the US on cultural cycles... This NeoCon destructive, me-first, Conservative bent is just about over. Enjoy the few polls while you can...

  18. Canada (and the USA) are several steps behind the European Union, which several years ago accepted the science behind global heating, and collectively took a decision to do something about it. The Kyoto Accord was the first of many steps. Since then the EU has steadily taken other steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, foster alternative energy (non-fossil) sources, legislate greener cars, and prepare for a reduced carbon world.

    We have about a decade and a half of catching up to do, despite the nonsense spewed forth by the Harper Tories (who really don't accept the science of global heating, despite saying they do - their actions and inaction speak louder than their professions of belief).

    The sooner we replace them with a government which takes concrete steps to do our part, and which gears our economy up so that Canadians of all walks of life can participate in the new green world, the better.

    We should set out sights on what the EU is doing, rather than settle for the slow moving US response.

  19. CC the world apparently agrees with your 627PM post. It seems over 20 Countries walked out on a presentation by Jim Prentice in Bangkok today.

  20. Take a look at the latest polling numbers, and I don't mean how Ignatieff is leading us to disaster. I mean that Canadians want smaller government and lower taxes. It is possible to implement environmental reform without a big-spending program, which is exactly how Ignatieff is selling this (though he says investment not spending). It is also possible to do this without expanding the federal government into provincial territory. But Ignatieff keeps getting both the politics and the policy wrong. I know 9 out of 10 Liberals are still in denial, but this is actually a perfect example of another Iggiot move. Environmental policy? Hurray! Big spending and intrude into provincial territory? Only if you want to see if you can get Liberal numbers below 20%, which Ignatieff seems to be trying really hard to do.

  21. anony mouse said at 754 am......"Canadians want smaller governemnt and lower taxes"

    What a fool you are.

    We have today the largest civil service component ever in our history as the Harpercrites have gone on a hiring binge to support their fanatasies.

    The $60BB defict is going to be paid back how?...... with magic fairy dust?

    that's why people will elect Iggy when harpo is finally turfed in the HOC.

  22. Yes, I'm the fool. Perhaps people want smaller government exactly because today we have the largest civil service. The fact that this is what we have does not in any way mean Canadians actually want bigger government. You are an example of why the Liberal Party is where it is at today. Go ahead, be like nearly every other Liberal and disbelieve the polls. Ignatieff's campaign for yet an even bigger federal government with his environmental policy will win over hordes of voters, just like he has won over so many other voters with every brilliant move he has done in the last 10 months. Keep on diggin!

  23. Terry 1
    Have you read the agenda for the Copenhagen U.N. convention? Before you go off believing your own Liberal rhetoric, give it a good look. It should scare the ---- out of you! It is NOT about the environment, but about the redistribution of wealth and power FROM the West to the U.N. (remember how the oil for food programs ended world hunger?)
    If the Liberals are dumb enough to support this, kiss your green jobs (or any jobs in Canada for that matter) goodbye. Maybe we can all apply for work at a call-centre in Delhi or Canton.

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