Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Coalitions: The benefits of public discourse & dispelling myths

Lorner Guntner has helped us all take a giant step away from the demonizing framing that Stephen Harper is still trying to foist upon Canadians when it comes to coalitions in Canada.

In today's National Post Lorne Gunter agrees that coalitions are legitimate:

Still, Mr. Ignatieff is correct when he says that a coalition is "perfectly legitimate."

And he does us all a service by correctly stating that the LPC and NDP would probably be called upon by the Governor General to replace a minority government of Harper's if Harper was unable to gain the confidence of the  House after the next election:

If the Tories won the greatest number of seats next time--as they did in 2006 and 2008--they would most likely be permitted to try governing again, even if the combined seat total for the Liberals and NDP was greater. If that Tory minority fell quickly, the governor-general at the time might consider letting the two left-of-centre opposition parties take a crack at governing before issuing writs for a new national campaign. But it is simply untrue that you can win government under this country's Parliamentary conventions by losing an election.

That's one of the benefits of civilized discourse on our constitution and our rights as citizens, similar to the discourse that took place in the UK before, during and after their recent election.

Myths – whether malicious or just plain stupid – have a habit of dissipating when people have time to think things through and start a debate in our public space.

Let's have a lot more such discussion.


  1. No one has denied they are allowed. They are rarely used.

    Denying them and than pretending an agreement is done after the election was just plain silly.

    Before the campaign begins put the out a 4-5 policies they have an agreement.

    Make it conditional for confidence in the Parliament regardless of the outcome. (Stick to it)

    The NDP were not rewarded at every Lib minority-supported by Democrats 'making parliament work'.

  2. hee hee hee --- what a loser


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