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Grassroots Twinning: The way to a new & progressive government

Tired of the right wing, regressive Harper minority government?

Concerned about the possibility of a Tory majority in the next election?

Frustrated by the apparent lack of involvement of the ordinary members of your party (whether Liberal or NDP) in any discussion of how a cooperation between the two parties might work?

Afraid that an election might be upon us before the leaders of the LPC and NDP can get their act together to maximize the possibility of removing the Tories and replacing them with a new and more progressive government?

Itching to do something meaningful to bring Harper's Tory government down and give Canadians a better alternative?

The Cat has a solution for you. One that should dramatically maximize the voting power of ordinary Liberals and Dippers, substantially increase the chance of a change of government and a cooperative LPC-NDP government replacing Harper, and doing all this without negative financial impact on the two parties.

How? Grassroots Twinning.

It works this way:
  1. It does not need Layton or Ignatieff to say or do anything.
  2. It can be done by ordinary registered voters who are members of the LPC or NDP in the TwinnedSeats set out below, acting on their own.
  3. There is no merger of the LPC or NDP.
  4. There is no pre-election coalition of the LPC or NDP.
  5. There is no formal agreement required from the LPC or the NDP before the election.
  6. There is no formal agreement – either pre-election or post-election – with the Bloc.
  7. It is a purely voluntary effort by ordinary members of the LPC and NDP aimed at taking at least 16 seats away from the Tories and making sure those seats are won by the LPC and NDP. This would make the combined LPC and NDP seats in the next House larger than the Tory seats.
  8. It requires members of the LPC in each of 8 seats listed below to voluntarily, without any legal obligation, and without any consideration, without breaking any laws, to decide to vote for the NDP candidate in their riding, rather than for their  own Liberal candidate, so that the chances of the NDP candidate are maximized.
  9. It requires members of the NDP in  at least 8 of the listed seats below to voluntarily, without any legal obligation, and without any consideration, without breaking any laws, to decide to vote for the LPC candidate in their riding, rather than for their own NDP candidate, so that the chances of the LPC candidate are maximized.
  10. It requires these LPC and NDP members to use a website (blog or Facebook) to show how many LPC and NDP voters have voluntarily agreed to vote for the other party's candidate. The results of the "twin" seat in the twin's matching blog or Facebook will serve as an inspiration for more Liberals and Dippers to join their colleagures.
It would be very useful if any of those digitally sophisticated people who helped found and run the highly successful grass roots the Canadians Against Prorogation (CAP) program volunteered to form a TwinSeats Facebook site which could act as a clearing house for the grass roots twinning I suggest.

The TwinSeats site would show the tallies of LPC and NDP voters in the matching twin ridings (lovely graphics – thermometers etc). LPC and NDP voters could email their decisions to switch votes to the TwinSeats site.

And then we could sit back and watch the Tories start sweating.

The beauty of this proposal is that the neither of the two parties is officially involved; neither Layton nor Ignatieff have to make any decisions; and ordinary people can take the future of their country into their own hands.

It also means that neither the LPC nor the NDP lose the public funding of $1.95 per vote cast in the election. For each LPC voter who does not vote for the LPC in his or her TwinSeat riding but instead votes for the NDP candidate, there should be a corresponding NDP voter voting for the LPC instead of the NDP in the twinned seat. So both parties should overall get the same public funding as they would have if they had voted for their own party's candidate.

And, of course, the risk of the Tories getting a majority of seats (over 155) and being able to remove all public funding, will be substantially reduced by this proposal. This should be a very positive thing for the Bloc, the NDP and the LPC.

What happens after the election?

The stage would be set for meaningful talks after the election between the LPC and NDP about some form of governing cooperation agreement once the Tory government falls.

The TwinSeats proposal aims at taking at least 16 seats away from the Tories and making sure those seats are won by the LPC and NDP.

This would make the combined LPC and NDP seats in the next House larger than the Tory seats.

This would in turn give the Bloc good moral and strategic reasons to seriously reconsider their declared policy of supporting  a minority Tory government when Harper tries to form one through the Throne Speech and budget after the next election.

The Bloc will have a meaningful choice: support a Tory minority government which has lost a substantial number of seats, or vote against Harper and then support a cooperation formed after the next election between the LPC and NDP when the Governor General turns to Ignatieff as leader of the party with the next highest number of seats after the Tories to try to form a government which has the confidence of the House. Ignatieff and Layton would then cut a cooperation deal, and the LPC would have a Throne Speech which the NDP and Bloc could support.

Next step?

Any CAP members out of there who like to take this TwinSeats idea and run with it?

The TwinSeats

A riding in A below is to be matched with a riding in B below, that two ridings are twinned. The numbers next to each seat are the number of votes in thousands required to unseat the sitting Tory MP. If there is a BE instead of a number, it means even combining LPC and NDP votes leads to a break even fight against the sitting Tory. If the number is in brackets, it means the combined LPC and NDP votes still fall short by that number of votes (in thousands). Numbers from the 2008 election results in Wikipedia.

A:   The Liberal TwinSeats:

 Any one of the following seats (LPC voters vote for NDP candidate in this riding):

Nova Scotia:
South Shore NDP majority of 8

Palliser NDP 2
Saskatoon – Rosetown NDP 1

Kamloops NDP BE
Surrey North NDP 3
Nanaimo NDP (4)
Vancouver Island NDP BE
Surrey North NDP 3

Oshawa NDP 2
B:    The NDP TwinSeats:

 Any one of the following seats (NDP voters vote for LPC candidate in this riding):

Egmont LPC Break-even (BE)
Nova Scotia:
West Nova LPC 5

New Brunswick:
Frederiction LPC 1
Miramichi LPC 3
Saint John LPC 4
Pontiac LPC 2
Ottawa-Orleans LPC 2
Ottawa West Nepean LPC 1
Glengarry LPC BE
Peterborough LPC (1)
Oak Ridges LPC 6
Thornhill LPC (1)
Mississauga Erindale LPC 4
Ancaster LPC (1)
Burlington LPC (2)
Halton LPC (2)
Niagara Falls LPC (1)
St Catherines LPC 1
Brant LPC 4
Haldimand LPC 1
Huron LPC 1
Kitchener Centre LPC 8
Kitchener Waterloo LPC 9
Chatham LPC BE
Elgin LPC (3)
Essex LPC 7
London West LPC 5
Kenora LPC 3

Saint Boniface LPC 1
Winnipeg South LPC (2)

Desnethe LPC BE

Fleetwood LPC 1
North Vancouver LPC 2
West Vancouver LPC 2
Saanich LPC 1

Nunavut LPC 1


  1. Bug off, quit pushing what YOU want.

    You're obsessed.

  2. Why, thanks for your polite disagreement, Anon 12.28!

    And, yes, I am obsessed: I want the Tories out of government and progressive government in.

  3. So..tell Canadians that your a national party not interested in a Coalition or a merger and that your a National Party that wants to govern, but, behind the scenes your not running in certain ridings and your preparing for a Conservative minority and when it happens you plan on defeating the government and forming a coalition to gain power....brilliant!!!

  4. Yes, Anon 1.33. Every voter has the right to decide how to exercise our vote: to vote strategically if we want to remove a government, to vote with our feet by not voting come election day, to choose the best candidate even over the official candidate of our political party.

    And to join a Grassroots Twinning movement like TwinSeats if we think this is the best way to exercise our vote and remove a government and give a better one the chance to replace it.

    Welcome to democracy.

  5. Remember the old days when the LPC would try to win elections on merit and platforms? Now its sitting out candidates and side deals with far left socialist party's. I'm not saying I'm against it, but, man, only Tiger Woods has fallen deeper and faster the the LPC.

  6. But why not just come right out and tell Canadians that you plan on forming a coalition after the next election and another Conservative minority govt is elected? Why not run in all 308, finish 2nd and 3rd, then form a coalition?
    Seems up front and honest for two party's seeking to hold power.

  7. Anon 2.07 - and if the LPC and NDP leaders decide to run in all 208 seats but any individual member of such parties thinks it is better to exercise their votes in a strategic way so as to maximize the number of combined LPC and NDP seats after the election, then individual voters can go for the Grassroots Twinning movement like TwinSeats.

    TwinSeats is a way for ordinary Canadians to ensure the Tories are turfed out and a the chance given to the LPC and NDP after the election to form some kind of cooperation agreement and replace the Tory government.

    Power to the people!
    Fire Harper!
    Become a TwinSeater!

  8. TwinSeats is suicide for Ignatief, plain and simple. He'd be hounded throughout the campaign with question after question about a coalition in regards to mis-step by a rookie Leader and its lights out. I know you have an unhealthy hate on for anything right but, the LPC really needs to run in all ridings, keep the Cons to a small majority or a large minority and rebuild. With all thats going on in the world re Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland merging with any far left socialist party is suicide.

  9. Anon 6.21 - nobody in their right mind is recommending a merger of the LPC and NDP. Ignatieff rightfully ruled that out - and polls have shown that the members of neither party support it.

    However, of all the members of the LPC and NDP in the recent poll who favoured that the leaders of these parties Do Something rather than Do Nothing, the majority (over 50%) favoured a cooperation agreement and an election ceasefire.

    So my suggestion for TwinSeats matches the majority of the members of the LPC who favour Do Something, but simply leaves the doing to individuals rather than to the parties.

    Power to the people!
    Fire Harper!
    Become a TwinSeater

  10. I don't necessarily agree with your strategy in general, but you do seem to have made to erros of fact in your list.

    The NDP finished second in Surrey North and Oshawa.

  11. Thanks, Anon 9.01 - I moved Oshawa and Surrey North to the right group (LPC voters to vote NDP in these two ridings as well, because NDP came in second after the Tory in 2008 election).

    My apologies to Dippers in Oshawa and Surrey North!

  12. They have tried this before (strategic voting) and some websites tried in 2008.

    Pundits Guide has some reality checks you should not ignore.

    BTW, don't let anti-coalition posters get you down.

    I think the grassroots are entitled to not obey their leaders.

  13. hee hee hee--- what a loser

  14. Sounds good to me Curiousity Cat. I am as desperate as you to rid this country of the CON scourge.


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