Thursday, February 17, 2011

Michael Ignatieff is out of step with Liberal voters on coalition

Now that Gilles Duceppe has initiated a belated public dialogue on the very real prospects of a coalition government after the next election – a Liberal-NDP government – let's look at the latest poll by EKOS on the subject (January 27 2011).

That poll clearly shows that Ignatieff's is turning his back on two-thirds of Liberal voters 
when it comes to a coalition government:

How can a leader claim to be leading on such a vital issue when the huge majority of potential Liberal voters would prefer an outcome which is the direct opposite of the one he has said he prefers?

Perhaps it is time for Ignatieff and his advisors to speak to members of the Liberal Party?


  1. He's not turning his back. He's playing the game. If the seats end up in the right way, Iggy will do it.

  2. I agree with Dude he is repeating the strategy of Dion. He will deny it but will accept a deal if can become PM.

    The threat to our democracy by the desperation of a Liberal-NDP coalition propped up by the Separatists will be main ballot question and the Liberals and NDP can dismiss it as they did in the last campaign.

    They have not been punished for their stunt in 2008 and Ignatieff will be held accountable for his party and his part on leading the coalition if necessary in December 2008.

  3. @Canadian sense...
    Punished for what? Why isn't Harper being punished for 2004? After all, he tried to form a coalition against Paul Martin. An Ignatieff coalition would be a major upgrade. Harper has to vilify coalitions because no one will form one with him. The Tea Party Lite doesn't have many friends. Even the BQ is more Canadian that the wannabe republicans

  4. @Canadian Sense...
    If you conservatives actualy spent time on security instead of just making BS comments on various blogs and news sites, maybe the Chinese wouldnt have infiltrated us.

  5. Remember, Iggy could have done it and didn't. And he didn't because he loathes the idea. But sure, for power he still might do it; especially since 'if' he loses the election he'll be tossed by the party.

  6. CanadianSense should be convicted under the CRTC's false advertising rules.

    She's a b-a-a-d penny, whose words aren't even worth their face value.

  7. I find it funny that the most cruel and accurate dig against Iggy came during the Liberal leaders convention, when they tagged him as the tourist.

    He might as well take another vacation, he's already top of the list of absent from work MPs.

  8. The separatists are for sale Cat.

    It will only cost $5 billion (the first year), and an arena,
    with promises to not add 20 ridings in Ontario and in the West, throw out the Clarity Act and don't forget that half dozen Senate seats promised last time.

    The coalition of losers can then institute the Green Shift, shut down transportation of oil out of Alberta, and raid all that dirty oil money from the West,
    then finally after 17 years get those day care spaces built.

    Pay for socialized Canada by jacking up the cost to do business here, tariffs and taxes Jack and Gilles will love,
    and refuse federal work to any industry that is not unionized.

    Jack and Gilles would then be delighted to support a Liberal puppet as PM.
    seeing as the LPC has given up on gaining power the old fashion way,
    by actually winning an election.


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