Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Calling on NANOS, Ipsos, Gallup, EKOS et al to Get Real!

Here we are faced with an issue that in other countries would cause a party leader to implode and be denied any chance to form a government, and yet none of our polling companies dares to ask Canadians what they think about it!

Go figure!

Are our polling companies so entrenched in their ways – so stuck in a rut – that they are out of touch with the burning issue now being talked about at Canadian water coolers?

The issue is whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper is lying to Canadians about what happened in the Delta Hotel in 2004, when The Three Amigos gathered together to plot the downfall of the Liberal minority government and its replacement by the Harper Conservative government.

Two of the three men who made up The Three Amigos at those meetings have publicly gone on record accusing Stephan Harper of lying to Canadians about two facts:
  • that Harper called the meetings as part of a plot to replace the minority Liberal government of Paul Martin (which a few weeks earlier had won the most seats of all parties in Parliament – in fact, 38% more than Harper's new Tories had won) with a government lead by Harper; and
  • that during these discussions, Harper, Layton and Duceppe spoke about the possibility of a coalition of the Conservative, NDP and Bloc parties.
The press is full of articles covering these accusations that our prime minister is lying to us while at the same time urging us to grant him a majority government.

So the challenge to our polling firms is  to immediately add to their very next poll specific questions to voters about whether voters think Harper is lying about these two issues, or whether voters think Duceppe and Layton are lying about these two issues.


  1. Also, the Cons have things about the budget on Government of Canada sites..not allowed..Elections Canada should know.

  2. old tapes.... ask him about the contempt situation - he refuses to cost his controversial programs and gets caught - topical, important and it might just influence some swing votes (the coalition meme is worn out, don't help bring it back)

  3. Anon 11.06 - you've missed the boat.

    The coalition meme has morphed into a very dangerous meme for Harper - one of his honesty and lies.

    It is like Watergate - Harper is spinning desperately as he tries each day to avoid being trapped by his amateurish coverups of the plot and the discussion of a possible coalition of the Tories, the Bloc and NDP.

    This is flytrap country!

  4. Hey Cat. Just wanted to say I have really been enjoying your posts since this corrupt government fell. Keep it up!

  5. Thanks, Christian.

    I've noticed that bloggers are setting the themes for the mainstream media - both TV and press. If some topic hits Liblogs, Progressive Bloggers of LiberalsOnline, its a question of hours before journalists pick it up and run with it.

    The twittering is a bit like bird dogs - they point the way to the bloggers for the rest of the pack to follow.

    And topics are moving fast: the tempo of the news cycle in this election is around 4 hours, not a day or so as it used to be not so very long ago.


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