Thursday, March 17, 2011

Harper's worst nightmare?

Just when things seemed to be going a little bit better (he managed to postpone the Liberal Party opposition day until after his March 22 budget day), along comes one of his cronies and the escort.
The Friend, The Friend's Friend & Stephen Harper

Hat tip to BigCityLib for the one picture, and to Borque for some details of the escort involved. You'll notice that she's not working for the minimum wage (she charges $260 per hour).

This is an interesting example of Murphy's Law, ain't it?


  1. Pathetic Cat, only a Liberal could say that.

    Nightmare, you have one as leader.

  2. As soon as you add a busty hooker to the mix,
    PMSH was set free.
    BTW, the young women is Carson's fiancee.

  3. Wilson, what exactly did Harper need freeing from????


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