Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stephen Harper in the hotel room & The Plot

Despite Harper's silence on what really happened in 2004, details of who met with whom, when, and what happened, are slowly trickling out. With luck we might soon have the answer's to The Cat's Questions about 2004 ...

Mike De Souza
The latest revelations come from an article by Mike De Souza in the Montreal Times, headed Harper, Layton, Duceppe sought 'co-opposition' in 2004 letter to GG.

Now we know for the first time that a Plot was being hatched, what the plot was (in rough terms), and why one leader of one of three parties huddled in a hotel room  in Montreal called it quits and walked out on Harper's Plot.

Jack Layton walked out on Harper and on Giles Duceppe:

One day later, Layton walked out on talks with Harper and Duceppe, after saying the Bloc leader had acknowledged that their strategy was part of a plot to replace Martin as prime minister with Harper.

"That was when I decided I was not going to play along with any risk such as that," Layton said at the time.

Bloc and Tory officials immediately called Layton's accusations "flakey" and "ridiculous." But over the past year, Duceppe has said discussions about a "coalition" were raised in the meetings with Harper, and that the proposal of replacing the Liberal government with one led by the Conservatives was clearly on the table.

Giles Duceppe with Harper's 2004 Letter
Now, if only Mike De Souza could give us the answers to the other questions (who else attended the meetings, did Layton and Duceppe help draft the infamous "close consultation" letter to the Governor General, did Harper suggest a coalition to Duceppe and Layton only to have Duceppe shoot it down ...?

Go for it, Mike!

So far you've left other journalists (not to mention talking television heads) in the dust.

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