Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turf-a-Tory: A HowTo List for 45 seats

Now that Ryan Dolby has shown the way with his principled and courageous act to step down in order to maximize the chance to Turf-A-Tory, the following is a list from an earlier post of 45 ridings where it could be possible to ensure a Tory does not go to the Parliament they have been  held to be in contempt of.

The Cat urges the Liberal and NDP candidates in each of these 45 ridings to check the numbers and make a tactical decision to withdraw and throw their support to the candidate from the NDP or Liberal Party that won the most votes in the 2008 election.

The Greater Good:

The decision to maximize the Turf-A-Tory votes will be a decision to put country before party. A Conservative majority lead by Stephen Harper is a threat to our democracy.

There is a reason why Harper refuses to even acknowledge that he and his government did anything to justify the majority of MPs in the House to vote them in contempt of our Parliament (the first time this has happened in any Commonwealth state in over half a century). The Tories do not believe in our Parliamentary system of government - they believe in One Party, One Rule, with the Conservative Party being that party.

If Harper gets his majority, our Parliament will suffer, our democracy will suffer, and we will suffer.

The greater good needs us all to put our country first, above our party, and ensure that Harper does not form the next government.

The Numbers Needed to Turf-A-Tory:

The numbers next to each seat are the number of votes in thousands required to unseat the sitting Tory MP. If there is a BE instead of a number, it means even combining LPC and NDP votes leads to a break even fight against the sitting Tory. If the number is in brackets, it means the combined LPC and NDP votes still fall short by that number of votes (in thousands). Numbers from the 2008 election results in Wikipedia.

The 45 Dolby Ridings:

A: The Liberal Chance to Do-A-Dolby in 9 seats:

All of the following seats (LPC voters vote for NDP candidate in this riding):

Nova Scotia – 1 seat:
South Shore NDP majority of 8

Saskatchewan – 2 seats:
Palliser NDP 2
Saskatoon – Rosetown NDP 1

BC – 5 seats:
Kamloops NDP BE
Surrey North NDP 3
Nanaimo NDP (4)
Vancouver Island NDP BE
Surrey North NDP 3

Ontario – 1 seat:

Oshawa NDP 2

B: The NDP Chance to Do-A-Dolby in 35 seats:

All of the following seats (NDP voters vote for LPC candidate in this riding):

PEI – 1 seat:
Egmont LPC Break-even (BE)

Nova Scotia – 1 seat:
West Nova LPC 5

New Brunswick – 3 seats:
Frederiction LPC 1
Miramichi LPC 3
Saint John LPC 4

Quebec – 1 seat:
Pontiac LPC 2

Ontario – 21 seats:
Ottawa-Orleans LPC 2
Ottawa West Nepean LPC 1
Glengarry LPC BE
Peterborough LPC (1)
Oak Ridges LPC 6
Thornhill LPC (1)
Mississauga Erindale LPC 4
Ancaster LPC (1)
Burlington LPC (2)
Halton LPC (2)
Niagara Falls LPC (1)
St Catherines LPC 1
Brant LPC 4
Haldimand LPC 1
Huron LPC 1
Kitchener Centre LPC 8
Kitchener Waterloo LPC 9
Chatham LPC BE
Elgin LPC (3)
Essex LPC 7
London West LPC 5
Kenora LPC 3

Manitoba – 2 seats:
Saint Boniface LPC 1
Winnipeg South LPC (2)

Saskatchewan – 1 seat:
Desnethe LPC BE

BC – 4 seats:
Fleetwood LPC 1
North Vancouver LPC 2
West Vancouver LPC 2
Saanich LPC 1

Nunavut – 1 seat:
Nunavut LPC 1

It is time for the Harper Tories to be tossed out, and civility and respect to be restored in our Parliament.


  1. Vancouver Kingsway probably needs Liberal voters to swing NDP to ensure Don Davies holds his seat. An unknown first time CPC candidate who didn't even live in the riding, parachuted in at the last second, pulled off a surprisingly close third to the Liberal's second place finish.

    tit for tat, Ujjal Dosanjh in Vancouver South won by only 20 votes against a complete newbie CPC candidate that wasn't even allowed to speak to the press and barely to the public, so NDP candidate Meena Wong should swing some support Ujjal's way. She hasn't a chance there anyway.

  2. Hi Cat .. the Catch22 Campaign is trying to do more or less the same thing as you describe!

    Check it out at:

  3. Why bother? With the Bloc's guarantee of 49 seats, LibDips only have to win 106 seats between them,
    and you already have 114, a coalition majority.

    Then just vote down Harper's Speech From the Throne,
    and presto,
    the British Parliamentary system glides the coalition of losers into government.

  4. Cat
    As the poster above points out there is a campaign (registered with Elections Canada no less) to support strategic voting in selected ridings.
    Strength in numbers perhaps?

  5. You should add Edmonton Strathcona as a seat where Liberals should cast votes for NDP to help Linda Duncan hold her seat

  6. Great ideas and comments - and Catch22 is doing a heckuva job: check out their site! Real democracy in action found there - not the 4-questions-only-a-day Harper variety!

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  8. Can you tell me how this list was developed?


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