Friday, April 01, 2011

Harper fears the true meaning of coalition

Stephen Maher puts it succinctly as a framed binary choice by Stephen Harper:

Stephen Maher
Harper is framing this election as a binary choice, between virtuous Tories, on one hand, and a scheming, unfairly co-operating gang of separatists, socialists and Liberals on the other.

There are two threads in the tapestry of the seriously warped mind of Stephen Harper, which his framing illustrates.

The First Thread:

The first thread is the pathological belief by Harper that only he is the legitimate ruler of Canada.

The second thread is almost a corollary of the first – that our Parliament is not a
place where the majority of MPs permit a government to rule as a government.

Harper is hammering on the need for a Conservative majority because he has every intention of continuing to try to rule as a majority government even if he only ends up with a minority one, and he knows perfectly well that to do that will be to invite the opposition parties to vote no confidence in his government at a very early stage.

And that would mean that the Governor General would obey our parliamentary conventions and turn to the leader of the party with the next largest number of seats (Ignatieff) to try to  put together a government that has the confidence of the House.

The Tapestry of Harper's Soul
Because Harper hates the Liberal Party for its values and appeal across the country to so many, he has already made up his mind NOT to support any budget which Ignatieff might then put forward.

Harper would do this even without reading it, and irrespective of what it contains.

Ignatieff could lift the March 22 Conservative budget and table it as the Liberal one and Harper would still vote against it simply because it is a Liberal – that is, a non-Harper – budget.

That is the logic of his binary choice framing.

Think about that: Harper would vote against a Harper budget if it was put forward by a leader other than Harper. 

Such are the tortured byways of a soul wracked with deep hatreds and hostility. There is the whiff of something seriously amiss in a man who feels  constrained to think and behave this way.

In Harper's warped view of the Canadian democracy, there is only one legitimate leader of Canada – and that is Stephen Harper, and hence only one legitimate governing party, and that is the party he and Mackay hijacked and renamed the Conservative Party of Canada.

So Harper wants a majority because only a majority will ensure that for the next four years the budgets will be tabled by Harper and noone else.

That is the first thread in Harper's pathologically disturbed political world view.

The second  thread:

The second thread in the tapestry of this man's mind is equally disturbing. Harper believes in a set of laws governing our democracy that just do not fit the reality of our constitution. In this sense, Harper clearly believes – deeply and passionately – in the George Bush Junior school of the power of the will: that one man  can ignore the real world and create his own reality.

This pathological condition lead the junior Bush into actions which disturbed many Americans, and which bent the fabric of America's democracy in illegitimate ways.
Harper's pathological view that he can ignore the bedrock of our parliamentary laws – that a government in our democracy governs only with the consent of the majority of MPs – and impose his own version of our constitution.

The Legitimate One
And the Harper view of our constitution is that the consent of the majority of MPs is in reality a dictatorship forced upon the only legitimate poltical leader and party in our country at this time: Harper and his hijacked party.

Both threads in the Harper tapestry are chilling.

They signpost the road to totalitarianism that we will be taking if Harper wins a majority.

They illustrate that Harper fears the true meaning of "coalition" – that it means a non-Harper majority of MPs.

So Harper's twisted soul equates a coalition with a threatening majority.

And therefore illegitimate because it thwarts his divine right to rule.


  1. Ignatieff could lift the March 22 Conservative budget and table it as the Liberal one and Harper would still vote against it simply because it is a Liberal – that is, a non-Harper – budget.

    Harper could present a budget with 100% Liberal ideas and table it as the ConsErvative one and Ignatieff would still vote against it simply because it is a Conservative – that is, a non-Ignatieff – budget.

  2. A politician wants a majority. Hmmm that's a first.

    If the coalition is such a good idea then why doesn't Iggy embrace it? (I mean now as opposed to two years ago when he did show support)

    Canadians are not retarded. The problem with the Pep Boys coalition was that one of the participants doesn't even want to be a Canadian.It was a stupid miscalculation to include him and the Quebec flag up on stage with the other two leftist twits.

  3. I have a question for Stephen Maher and all other readers of this blog: If a Harper majority comes about, how do you plan to survive the ensuing 4 or 8 years - or forever, or until you die, if you are older than Harper? How will you avoid hating and despising those around you who did vote for him? How are you planning to counter or perhaps ignore the poison that will taint the entire country and render many non-conservatives totally demoralized? How to fight back once totalitarianism becomes a reality? A few lucky people with the right kind of second passport and lots of money can escape and watch the tragedy unfold from outside, but what about the rest of us who will dispair...

  4. ij

    I genuinely do not know if your tongue is in your cheek or whether you are among the moonbats who believe this nonsense. Either way it could be interesting.

    Where would these lucky people go?

    China? Libya? U.S.? Europe? Bon Chance!

  5. Conservatives are unbelievable hypocrites. If they really believe that it is ok to prorogue parliament, to not listen to the House, to refuse to cost programs, to deny the House the right to information, and all these things that Harper has done, then I assume they will be ok if the next Liberal government does all of these things.

    Of course we can be sure that when a different government does these things we will hear no end of how terrible and anti-democratic it all is.

    And by the way Anonymous, in 1933, anyone who warned about the dangers of Hitler was called crazy by many of his supporters. If you are unable to see how anti-democratic Harper has been, then you will see when you become his victim.

  6. I assume kirby will choose Libya...

  7. In all seriousness kirby ; if you are genuinely that concerned about what might happen after a Harper majority I'd suggest you leave the country.

  8. @Anonymous: I wish I could joke about it all, but I have actually lived in a totalitarian regime and find the prospect of living even just through the beginnings of one again (I am way older than Harper and likely to die before him) truly frightening. And by the way, one does not have to go to Libya or China to escape; quite a few countries in Europe - with coalition governments - are way more democratic than Canada is at the moment, and what is more, are pretty immune to any demagogues like Harper. People there still remember, if not the Nazis, then the Communists who were only toppled 21 years ago, after over 40 years of suffering, slavery, arbitrary "justice", fraudulent "elections" and everybody spying on everybody else. But you just go on merrily mocking history and its victims and feeling superior, well done and oh so clever.

  9. ij

    Again, If you fear it that much then leave.

    I suspect that you won't. Most of the world despises new immigrants; Europe included.

    I don't mock history; Only fools.

  10. Judging by the comments of the brave Anon trolls on this and other postss, the new orders from Tory HQ must be to recommended "political cleansing" to those who oppose the Harper attack on our democracy.

    The idea behind this defence is chilling: Canada belongs to Tory supporters; if you don't like us trampling on democratic rights, then leave Harper's Canada.

    Well, Anons, did I guess the Harper Tory Talking Points right?

    I've got news for you bunch of fascists: Canada has fought far greater threats than you, and will fight your attacks on our democracy tooth and nail until we have uprooted the evil and banished it to political oblivion, where it belongs.

    Canada belongs to Canadians, not to Harper and Harperites.


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