Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How YOU can boost voter turnout: Adopt a Newbie

Less than 35% of voters aged 18 to 24 actually vote; as for the rest, our turnout to vote in 2008 was a dismal 59%.

We ended up with a minority government, voted into power by less than 40% of the voters who put their X on the ballot papers, yet 40% of eligible voters did not vote.

Let's start rejuvenating our democracy, by getting more people to vote.

Here's an idea for you to consider. Team up with a friend or partner or relative, and Adopt a Newbie.

Find somebody in your neighbourhood who has never voted before, and the two of you talk to that person and persuade them to vote – take them to the polling booth to make sure they do vote. It doesn't matter who they vote for – let's get them hooked on voting!

When millions of people in the Africa and the Middle East are taking to the streets to face tanks and guns and planes to demand that they be allowed to vote, it seems nuts that 40% of us don't bother to vote when we can.

Copy the certificate below, print it, slap in your names and the Newbie's names, and give it the Newbie when votings done!

Have fun!

PS Encourage your friends and relatives to Adopt A Newbie. Organize Newbie Hunts to find them. Throw Newbie parties.

The Joy of Voting



(the Newbie Adopters)

hereby award this certificate to

(The Newbie)

in recognition of 2011, the first time that The Newbie has cast a vote
in a federal election in Canada.

In doing so The Newbie has slain the dragon of apathy,
made our country's democracy stronger,
and paid respects to all who have fought for our right to vote.

Awarded at: ______________________________

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