Saturday, April 09, 2011

Let's put Elizabeth May in the House

The Cat calls upon members of the opposition parties (Liberal and NDP) in the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands to vote for Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Elizabeth May - Green Party
Not only is May a worthy candidate in her own right for our House of Commons, but she represents a political party which is a serious force in Canada.

Her party won nearly one million votes in the 2008 election, from all parts of the country. This is a significant percentage of the total of 13.8 million votes cast.

Our democracy is badly flawed with its archaic first-past-the-post sytem of vote counting, and its resulting geographic tensions. 

To ignore the fact that only 59.1% of the total of 23.4 million elegible voters bothered to vote in 2008 is to ignore that our democracy is broken: as May said in a recent interview with the CBC, the biggest voting block in 2008 – 41% - were those who never showed up to vote.

We should also vote for May because she represents a party that is fielding 212 candidates in our 308 electoral ridings, a credible effort compared to the Conservatives' 280, Liberals' 271 and NDP's 294 candidates.

Polls have consistently shown that the Green Party attracts a significant percentage of the youth vote – and we need to do something to encourage younger people to join in the joy of democracy, starting with voting. 

Only 37.4% of 18-to-24 year olds voted in 2008. Having May in the House will be a start to the long haul needed to involved our younger voters in our democracy, at a time when younger people throughout the Middle East are facing tanks and machine guns in a determined effort to obtain a little bit of democracy.

Involving more people – and especially more younger people – in our elections is also more important than ever given the Harper Conservatives' voter suppression efforts.

So, Liberals and Dippers in Saanich-Gulf Islands, strike a blow for a better Canadian democracy by putting your country ahead of your party, and electing Elizabeth May on May 2.

And for future elections, let's hope the Liberal Party adopts a policy of not opposing the leader of any credible political party in his or her riding.


  1. Proportional Representation would not work so well in Canada, while the Australian way of voting would be better for us.

  2. That's right Cat, in the nut house with you.

  3. Let's not and say we didn't. This nutjob needs to go, her 15 minutes were up a looooooong time ago.


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