Thursday, April 21, 2011

Put country ahead of party

With the polls all over the place, the Bloc losing support to the NDP in Quebec, Harper stalling as more and more muzzled Tories speak out and reveal the REAL face of Harper's new Tories, The Cat has advice for all voters:

Put your country ahead of your party.

What this means is that if you are considering voting for the Liberal, NDP or Green Parties, please consider trying to cast your vote in the way that will Toss Out A Tory.

We just cannot afford the most destabilizing government we have had for thirty plus
years to continue in power; Harper must go.

So please consider the results of the last election, add in the latest polls, and decide to support the candidate from the NDP or Liberal Parties that has the best chance to unseat any Tory candidate in your riding.

This is your chance to protect your democracy, and to give Canada a better government than the divisive, partisan, deceptive and inept one we have suffered under for the past five years.

O, Canada, we stand on guard for thee!


  1. The party responsible for the regional divide is the Liberals.

    Harper has been polling consistantly with "Chretienesque" numbers; In other words upper 30's %.

    The Libs have clearly lost credibility in the West and in Francophone Quebec. They lead in no region in the country.

    A Lib gov't now would be weak and without representation in many parts of the country.

  2. "Put your country ahead of your party"

    I agree with this, but it only really applies in Quebec.

    None of the federalist parties are any less 'Canadian' or less 'good for Canada' than any other so deciding between them using your above metric is impossible.

    You can, however, vote for Canada by doing whatever you can to vote out a Bloc member.

    In the rural areas and around Quebec City that means voting Conservative. In Montreal and surrounding area that means picking the Liberals or NDP. Choosing which one just got harder though as Jack continues to surge there.

  3. We should be considering how to stop the NDP. They are a bigger threat then the Tories. I would strategically vote Conservative to stop an NDPer from winning a seat.

  4. Thanks, you lot, but No thanks!

    The only party that has been found in contempt of our Parliament is Harper's Tories.
    The most destabilizing party in our Parliament is the Harper Tories.
    The party that has blurred the distinction between taxpayers money and partisan money is Harper's Tories.
    The party that has been inept in running our economy and wasted billions of taxpayers' money is Harper's Tories.

    So let's Toss out a Tory and do our country a big, big favour.

  5. "The party that has blurred the distinction between taxpayers money and partisan money is Harper's Tories."

    No that was the Liberals. It's called "Adscam."

    The party that has been inept in running our economy and wasted billions of taxpayers' money is Harper's Tories.

    We're in better financial shape than most countries in the world...even most of your Liberal colleagues agree that Harper can't be touched on the money issue. And if you want to talk about wasted taxpayers money, the Liberal track record is hardly anything to brag about. It was the Libs that put us in debt back in 1972 and we're still paying for it to this day.

  6. Cat, you need to change the title. It's not about the good of the country, its about beating the Tories.

    Its Mark and JR who are talking about doing the right thing for Canada. Knocking off the Bloc would clearly be a victory for federalists.

  7. Ipsos releases new polling results - NDP lead Liberals nationally

    CPC - 43%
    NDP - 24%
    Libs - 21%


    CPC - 41%
    Libs - 27%
    NDP - 22%


    CPC - 46%
    NDP - 32%
    Libs - 12%


    NDP - 28%
    BLOC - 27%
    CPC - 24%
    Libs - 20%

    Leader by demographic...

    Age 18 - 34: CPC - 34%
    Age 35 - 54: CPC - 42%
    Age 54 + : CPC - 50%

    Men: CPC - 50%
    Women: CPC - 36%

  8. I believe that politicans have evolved from serving the public to self serving and this trend is escalating, this applies to all levels of government. Harper is trying extremely hard to be a PM with a majority so he does not have to tow the line. The Liberals are equally anxious to form the next government and are promising anythig and everything.I don't see any politicans promising to be responsible and respectful for the priveledge of being an elected offical
    We must make our MPs be responsible and transparent, we must put parties aside and work towards preserving our country.
    I do not know who to vote for.
    Unfortunately I do not know how this could be done.

  9. Instead of strategic voting and trying to beat the other side, perhaps the Liberals should try to appeal to more people so the voting public want to vote for them. Getting a good leader that has been elected by the grassroots would help too.

  10. I think after watching Ignatief on Mansbridge more Canadians will vote for their country and hand Harper a majority,and, the polls are showing just that. Next time, dont go down to the states and beg a man to come back to Canada to be PM, their are plenty of good Liberals in Canada.


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