Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Use your vote as a hammer

Your vote belongs to you, and you alone. It does not belong to Harper, or Duceppe, or May, or Layton, or Ignatieff.

On May 2, use your vote as a hammer.

Strike a blow for our democracy.

Hammer the man who leads the only party whose government has been found to be in contempt of our Parliament.

Hammer the attempt to reduce your power as a voter by denying your Parliament the information your Members need to do their job of protecting you.

Hammer those who would lead us away from the Canadian way of politics, to the mean-spirited, anti-democratic neocon American way of politics.

Check the votes cast in your riding in 2008. Cast your vote for the candidate from the NDP or Liberal Party most likely to beat the Conservative candidate. Toss-a-Tory out of power; nail down any chance that Harper will gain a majority.

Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!

Put your country before your party, and magnify the power of your vote – hammer for our freedom, hammer for the ability to reform the way we run our elections so that one vote means one vote and everybody is represented.

If you have the choice, use your vote to put Elizabeth May in the House. Give the Greens at least one voice in our Parliament.

Join with a friend, and find someone who did not vote in 2008: take them by the hand on May 2 so that they can vote this time. It does not matter who they vote for – it does matter that they vote.

And let freedom ring once more across this land of ours!

O, Canada, we stand on guard for thee!


  1. The end is near for the once “natural ruling party”.

    Post election we’ll see Bob Rae merge the further left of the Liberals with Layton’s NDP.

    Some centrist Liberals will seek to join the Conservatives.

    The rest will heavily self medicate and stare out of the window mumbling something that only they can hear.

    The Bloc and the Greens will disappear with the repeal of Chretien’s $1.95 per vote subsidy.

    A Conservative majority will go unchallenged for a very long time.

    Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    Bruce 2

  2. I fear the above as well for the Liberals. For my beliefs it makes me feel better as that means one party is out and the rest to go. Parliament would better serve this country with parties with independents free to vote on whatever issues.

    But my conscience knows that the end of the Liberals will mean a truly divided, polarized Canada with no middle ground. The Liberal middle squeezed out.

    Kind of sounds like the middle class squeezed out too.


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