Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vote smart: Let's get a new government on May 2

It's Tory turfing time!

If you support the Liberal, NDP or Green Party, think carefully when you enter the booth to vote on Monday.

Our country cannot afford another term of Harper and his Tories.

The voters in Quebec have given all of us a lead: they have within a period of three weeks decided that we need a Canada Spring just as much as the Arabs needed the Arab Spring.

When revolutionary ideas sprout in citizens' minds, strange and wonderful things can happen. Don't let the media or Harper's Tories fool you – there is no iron law that demands that the Tories win the most seats in our House on Monday.

In fact, apart from their heartland of Alberta, the Tory support is thin and widespread, and not of long standing.

Harper and his party are vulnerable. This is our chance – the centre-left of Canada; the majority of Canadians – to take back the government of our land and install a replacement government which will cooperate with all parties and govern with respect for our Parliament.

So when you enter the voting booth, consider carefully which party you will vote for. 

The main aim is to prevent a Tory MP going to our House, which that party has shown it does not respect and in fact holds in contempt.

Help ease the Tory burden – facilitate career changes for about 50 or so of them; let them seek employment in a more congenial atmosphere to them.

And consider the opinion polls. Harper will only form the next government if we allow him to. In most cases, the Tories will get around 33% or just above of the votes cast. The Liberal and NDP votes combined will outstrip the Tory votes in this amazing election.

Don't split the vote.

Consider carefully which party most of the voters in your riding are going to vote for, based on the latest polls. And vote to win.

So if you are a Liberal supporter and the Tories are supported by 35% of voters in your province, the NDP by 30% and the Liberals by say 20%, then consider voting NDP this time to make sure we remove Harper and his Tories from power.

And if the percentages are the other way round, and you are an NDP supporter, consider voting Liberal this time to turf a Tory.

Remember one thing: put your country ahead of your party.

And after May 2 we can look forward to a government supported by a majority of MPs put into Parliament by voters from the centre-left of our country. Most likely, such a government will reflect Liberal Party and NDP values and policies.

Let's give another party the most seats, rather than the Harper Tories. We have the power to do that; we just need the smarts, and the will.

Vote smart, and turf a Tory on Monday.

The Real Ballot Question on May 2


  1. Realistically, it will be:

    #1 conservative
    #2 NDP
    #3 Liberal
    #4 BLOC

  2. Actually many of the ridings show that conservatives won with a very narrow margin and the Liberals or NDP came in a close second. I say vote for the party who's candidate was second in the last election.

  3. It has been an exciting election because it has seemed anything is possible. In fact, it has never been more clear that an election campaign is designed to get a party (re)elected and absolutely NOT to debate policy issues and ideas in the light of day. We need to maintain multi-party choice in Canada and we need more professional journalists shining light in the dark corners.


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