Sunday, May 01, 2011

Canadians have decided on a realignment of our parties

With the failure of the 2008 Coalition Agreement between the Liberal and NDP parties (beaten to death by Tory skillful spinning, that spooked Micheal Ignatieff to recoil from the deal), it seemed for a long time that any realignment of the parties to the left of the Tories was not going to take place.

Layton was open to talk of cooperation in governing the country as an alternative to the Tory government, and has said so often since 2008. 

Ignatieff – after a false start – finally came to grips with reality and acknowledged that (apart from forming a coalition with any of the Tory, NDP or  Bloc paries) he would seek the cooperation of the other parties in order to govern on a case by case basis if called upon to do so. 

Duceppe realistically said he would work with anyone.

Our leaders on the left were slow to realize that the majority of Canadians wanted a reshuffle of the electoral deck of cards, because the current shuffling seemed to give the Tory cards greater weight than the cards dealt to any other party.

When it turned out that the leaders of the three opposition parties were not going to sit down before the election and talk turkey, their supporters decided that enough was enough. They decided to reshuffle the deck themselves.

It became clear early on in this election that most voters did not want a government which had done these things (extract from the Liberal campaign booklet):
The first to feel the effects were the Liberals, who ran a good campaign, but whose supporters decided to take matters into their own hands and vote strategically. Many even made the shift, deciding to cast their lot with the NDP, which was starting to show signs of life.

Then Duceppe's nightmare started, with an implosion of support within the space of fourteen days. Quebeckers – who had in poll after poll shown that they had the greatest willingness of voters in any area of the country to consider an electoral realignment – moved en masse to Layton and his party, leaving Duceppe winded, bewildered, and helpless in their wake.

This set off a stampede. Today, the NDP is at 33% support nationally, neck and neck with the Tories at 35%, and the Liberal support has plunged to the historic low of 20%:

The Forum Research survey, conducted on Saturday, April 30, gave the Conservative Party 35 per cent support from decided and leaning voters, with the NDP at 33 per cent and the Liberals at only 19 per cent, a morale-shattering low for the party so dominant over the past century.

“Voting realignment like this comes only once in a generation,” Mr. Bozinoff said...

“These results truly underscore how close the race has become between the NDP and Conservative parties,” he said. “With polling day just around the corner, this federal election could be won by either party.”

We have seen numerous websites and facebook sites spring up, advocating smart voting to avoid splitting the vote, and reshuffle the deck by tossing out Tories.

Our polling has not yet shown the huge impact that strategic voting will have on Monday's vote. It will be big, it will be decisive, and it will shake the foundations of our disfunctional political setup like nothing else has done since Harper and MacKay signed their pact for the Trojan Horse takeover of the old Progressive Conservative Party.

By Monday night the decision of the Canadians to the left of the Harper Tories will be so clear that no political leader or party can dare ignore it.

We want the centre-left to work together to avoid the Harper Tories taking power with a minority of votes. 

It's as simple as that. 

Any leader of the NDP or Liberal Party who ignores this clear message will be rejected by supporters, and replaced by leaders who are prepared to listen to their party supporters and do what a massive majority of their supporters want done: the replacement of the Harper Tories by a centre-left government.

And as deadly as that for the Harper Tories, because it means the end of their chance to govern with a small minority of supporters.

A new day is near.

One sleep away.

The Real Ballot Question on May 2

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  1. Any thinking human that would vote NDP at this time in Canadian history will be viewed as an enemy of Canada if Layton becomes the government. Putting that opportunistic SOB at the helm for Canada is frigging criminal.


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