Sunday, May 08, 2011

How to fix it: Give them a reason to vote

PoliticsRespun has an interesting analysis which every Liberal member intent on rebuilding the shattered party into a national progressive centre-left party should read very carefully indeed.

Among the nuggets in the PoliticsRespun post is a hint about what we need to do to become the governing party yet again:

Another major feature of this election has to be the non–voter. While voter turnout did increase somewhat from 58.8% to 61.4% in this election, the largest bloc of voters in Canada continues to be people who do not vote at all in federal elections...

There are 3,361,426 people in Ontario alone that did not cast a ballot in this election and yet the 2,455,900 electors in Ontario that supported the Conservative party picked up 73 seats in Ontario, that’s 68.9% of seats, with 44.4% of the popular vote.

So there is a block of 40% or so of the voters who do not vote.

What a target market for us!!!!!!!

This untapped block exceeds the number of those who actually voted for any of major parties:

  • only 14.7 million of a total of 24 million registered voters actually voted
  • that means 9.6 million did not bother to vote for various reasons
  • there were 1.7 non-voters for every one of the 5.8 mm who voted for Harper's new Tories
  • there were 3.4 non-voters for every one of the 2.8 mm who voted for the Liberals
  • there were 2.1 non-voters for every one of the 4.5 mm who voted NDP, and
  • there were 1.3 non-voters for every one of the 7.3 mm who voted for the Liberal and NDP parties.
Now take a step back and think like the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Imagine that you, Bigshot, have just been appointed the CEO of Liberals Inc.

Your VP Marketing & Strategic Planning drops into your office as part of  your first getting-to-know you sessions with your key staff and spreads out some papers with nice little diagrams.

She pushes the one below in front of you, saying:

"The blue slice is our vote in 2011. The green slice is the untapped market. None of our competitors has managed to crack it. Nor have we."

2011 Voters

What a potential market!

Any Fortune 500 CEO would immediately start salivating, big time!

Do you think that as CEO Bigshot of Liberals Inc. you will survive in your job if you don't immediately get your VP to call in your top executives and start finding out more about that huge untapped market?

You would want to know who these customers are, where they live, how old they are, what socio-economic demographics they have, how and why they differ from the other voters who do vote, what their needs are ...

And that's just for starters.

Then you would want to find out how other CEOs of other companies – worldwide – had gone about identifying similar untapped markets, and how they set about gaining  customers in those untapped market segments.

Now The Cat asks you to fast forward 5 months. You are a member of the Liberal Party and have been invited to cast your vote for your permanent party leader in the Leadership Vote.

Do you think you should vote for any candidate who ignores this massive untapped market, or has no ideas how to go about finding out how to dive into it?

You betcha!


  1. You're one fucked up cat

  2. First thing this cat would ask is, will there be census data in five years to compare?



    Because Harper humped the census.

    So, one can move on already 5-year-old census data telling us where we were five years ago, but we cannot count on any milestone census to chart where we've come.

    Still, a good starting off point.

    The thing about disinformation, misinformation and general know-nothingness is that natural selection takes care of the most egregious perpetrators and carriers of ignorance.

    So generally I think you've got the whole ball of wool in a thimble, Curiosity Cat, and I am attending closely to the purr-fect and scintillating dissection of the issues and urges (those almost unconscious twitches the truly cultist display whenever they encounter ideas NOT ALLOWED but oh so deliciously embraced in secret). Example: explaining how Harper can be good buds with Carson for years and years but never know he served time or had a taste for young women of questionable business here and south of the border which Carson in turn shopped around to Harper ministers, sometimes around the dining table at 24 Sussex. Busy-ness as usual. Sooner or later the indians in the park are gonna get it!

    Warms my cockles. Grinds their gears which is music to my ears. The trains only run on time when...

    Carry on Curiosity Cat, carry on like you can.


    Mrs. Whiggins

  3. So did any party fundraising run through the escort services/bordellos? It might not be true, but at least it's good for some juicy gossip. :P

    Anon Deux


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