Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Liberal voters voted with their feet on May 2

... but they could not complete the change of personnel many were hoping for: does anyond doubt that the voters would have tossed out most of the senior / executive officers of the party as well, if they could have done  that on May 2?

The Cat certainly believes that, and I would like to invite all senior / executive officers to tender their resignations, and for the party to hold elections for all senior posts within the near future, as well as for a new leader of the party.

The rejection of the Liberal Party on May 2 was not just a rejection of the leader, Michael Ignatieff.

It was also a rejection by a huge whack of voters (a good half of the Liberals – 30% less the 20% who voted Liberal that day) this time round, and the 800,000 voters who did not vote Liberal in the 2008 election and who did not vote Liberal on May 2) of the party (hence the defeat of half the sitting MPs) and of the senior Liberals who run the party.

With such an overwhelming rejection by voters, any senior Liberal occupying an executive or other national office in the Liberal Party should in good conscience  tender their resignations, and arrange for a new convention to allow Liberal members to elect new national officers, as well as a new leader.

It is obvious that Liberal supporters were trying to make a clean sweep of the party, starting with its leader (who even lost in his own riding) and other MPs, and this message should be taken to heart by all senior officers of the party.

This does not mean that such senior /  executive officers should not stand for re-election at the coming convention; they are welcome to do so. If they are re-elected, this means members of the party casting votes have confidence in them.

The election of senior / executive officers should be done through a poll (electronic) of all members of the party, so that we allow all members to participate.

How about it, Mr Chairman? Mr President? National Director?

Let's clean house and let the members decide who should govern the party for the future rebuilding that we need to do.

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  1. Yes, we need new blood and go back to our Grit roots of Laurier and Pearson.


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