Monday, July 25, 2011

The Cat favours Thomas Mulcair to replace Jack Layton

Thomas Mulcair
Layton is stepping down as leader of the NDP to fight a new cancer attack, and a temporary leader will be selected by the party, and might only serve until mid-September if Layton returns fit enough to take up the reins again.

The Cat recommends that the NDP appoint Thomas Mulcair as the temporary leader, given Mulcair's positive performance in the House, and the role he has played in the NDP obliteration of the Bloc MPs in Quebec.

And my best wishes to Jack in his fight.


  1. Why would Mulcair want interim, when he would just need to give it up in a few months...sadly

  2. Maybe if you were in the NDP would change your mind.

  3. I'll go with second anonymous. Without divulging any confidences, I understand why.

    Layton is recommending Nycole Turmel of Hull-Aylmer.

  4. Although I am not an NDP supporter, I believe this to be a wise choice by Jack to not recommend Mulcair to be the interim leader. The NDP just had a major political breakthrough in the last Federal Election, so why would they take a chance of hurting their brand by appointing a person that has a nasty habit of put his foot in his mouth.

    But, even though I agree with the decision to not recommend Mulcair, Jack's choice of Turmel is a little mystifying to me. A former head of a major Canadian union may only help to strengthen the perception that the NDP's priorities are focused around the unions first, and the rest of Canadians second.

  5. Mulcair has fire and passion; if he misspeaks, he does it from the heart.
    He would be a good match for the coldness of Harper, and the passion of Rae.
    Layton's passion is what makes him a good leader, and attracts people to him.
    Mulcair's fiery passion will go down well in Quebec, where they like their politicians hot and combative, rather than cool and contemplative.
    However, it is possible that Mulcair will get his chance to throw his hat in the ring, if Layton decides to retire rather than plunge back into politics.

  6. Winning 55 Quebec seats, organizing the NDP Quebec wing from scratch, displacing the Bloc Quebecois, orchestrating the media election "wave" which swept Quebec federal seats in French and English is the mark of a master. Mulcair has pulled off this kind of event a few times before in his professional and political life. He is standing on the cutting edge of a very fine blade with refined values and orchestrated timing.


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