Saturday, September 17, 2011

Liberal Party fundraising – plea for directed donations

The party needs to raise substantially more money than it has in past years, from smaller donations and from a much wider donor base.

At the same time, the party is trying to involved members more in decisions, party affairs, and policy discussions.

One way to make people more willing to donate on a regular basis is to provide for directed donations. This would allow members to participate once a year in the selection of a short list of projects that will be funded under the directed donations program. Members will also vote once a year on what projects they want to include in the list of projects which donors to the LPC can direct donations be used for – the Directed Donations Projects or DDP.

Not only will this encourage more regular donations, but it will attract more amounts per donor, because donors will be able to have a say in what projects the party should pursue as part of its rebuilding.

The directed donations program could provide for say 50% of the donation to be used by the party for purposes decided by the party officers. The other 50% would be used for 1 to 3 of the purposes selected by the donor from the list of projections chosen by members.

The directed donations program would also allow party members to make pitches to Liberals for funding for projects they want launched. For example, if one riding association wishes to experiment with a new software program, but needs funding, it could place its wish on the list of directed donation projects. If enough members vote for that project to appear on the approved DDP list, then it will stand a chance of attracting some directed donation funding.

The DDP would be an innovative way to raise additional funding.

How about it?

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