Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Liberal Riding Associations: Will you take up this torch?

We are entering the time of conventions, when new policies will be discussed as part of the Liberal Party renewal process.

I extend the invitation to Liberal riding associations to talk to each other about one of my pet ideas, and to combine with other riding associations to put forward the proposal below as part of the policy renewal of our party.

The proposal is to adopt as one of the major guiding principles of the Liberal Party the following principle:

We will give Canadians the most advanced democratic tools that any political party in any modern democracy can provide.

Today, for the Liberal Party to become attractive to more Canadians again, we need to be able to say to Canadians that we are the party with dreams.

One of the dreams we should have is to become the political party that can say to Canadians:

We commit ourselves to strive each and every day to improve your democratic rights.

We will do this at all levels of government – local, provincial and federal.
We will strenthen your democratic rights, not diminish them.
We will give you the most advanced democratic tools that any political party in any modern democracy can provide.

That is the general principle of this dream of democracy.

If our party adopted this principle and this dream, it would help shape many other policy initiatives.

It would also clearly differentiate our party from the Harper Tories, whose basic instinct is exclusive (us versus them) rather than inclusive, and top down authoritarian (Harper rules, the rest obey).

How about it?


  1. What does it mean?

    Seriously... It sounds like a good idea, but what are some examples?

  2. For starters, Jesse, we can look to the reforms the UK governments brought in over the past decade - many of those could be adapted to Canada, and would significantly increase our democracy's proper functioning.

    Secondly, if we adopted this, our party would be checking democratic advances in other countries each year, and asking why we should not adopt such advances in Canada.

    Thirdly, the Harper and Harper Tory Achilles Heel for 2015 is their undemocratic leanings, coupled with their obvious distaste for the workings of a democracy. If our party committed itself as I recommend, we would be clearly differentiated from the Harper Tories, who just cannot (without looking totally ridiculous) steal many of the things we would be promising to implement once we were in power, in order to update our democracy.

    The Charter of Rights and Freedoms was really the last major democratic advance we had. It is time we ushered in more such changes.

  3. Your answer still doesn't provide specifics. What reforms?


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