Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Penny Pledge funding idea the Liberals should borrow

Hat tip to Accidental Deliberations for pointing the way to this: From the Rabble blog cometh forth this piece of wisdom about how to incentivize MPs in Quebec to sign up new members in that province:

Is there any way to track membership signups by different candidates?  Perhaps the real costs of signing up members can be subsidized by current members looking to encourage membership in Quebec.

For example, I would be willing to donate 1 penny per membership signup in Quebec to each candidate.  I suppose if the party were directly signing up members and releasing figures like that

I would be willing to donate 1 penny per signup to the party as well.  Or to riding associations.
If there are 25,000 memberships sold that would put me on the hook for $250, split up between different candidates and perhaps the party.
The commentator goes further to extend his/her penny pledge to add new members signed up in his/her own province (BC), and in the parent's riding in Ontario.

This is a brilliant idea, and this person should be complimented on this significant new contribution to the age-old problem we have in Canada, of too few signed up members of our political parties.

The Liberal Party should jump at this idea and adopt it, with due acknowledgments to the commentator!

And the LPC could extend the Penny Per Person Pledge (the 3-P pledge) to allow Liberals to pledge a penny for various groups within a province or a group of ridings or a particular riding.

Given the fact shown by EKOS in their latest poll – that the Tories are the party of the old geezers in our midst (I am one of that group, before you start sniffing) – we could also allow pledges to target different age groups (younger ones, women etc) to help boost their membership in the party.  Perhaps then some of the 40% of voters who stay at home might vote next time.

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