Monday, October 03, 2011

The Cat backs Alison Redford to take over the federal Tories when Harper retires or is fired

It's not too early to start spotting the most likely successor to Stephen Harper. Given his growing penchant for believing that he is indeed the smartest politician in the House and on the Hill and in the country, and his ever-growing hubris (demonstrated by his party's clear reluctance to actually consider Parliament as having a valid say in how he governs the country), it is only a question of time before the Tories overreach and suffer a loss at the polls.

My guess is this will happen in the 2015 election.

And then I would expect that the Tories will turn on Harper and he will retire before they throw him out in a desperate attempt to regain the approval of voters.

Who do I think is the most likely candidate right now to replace Harper?

How about looking at the Tory heartlandAlberta:

All during the long leadership struggle, Redford was slowly growing. In 40 years of writing about politics, I've never seen anyone improve so much during a campaign.

Stiff and unsmiling at the start, Redford grew in confidence until, at an Edmonton news conference Sunday, she handled herself with the relaxed confidence of a veteran leader.

At one point, in response to a francophone reporter's question, she broke into fluent French — not the biggest Alberta vote-getter, obviously, but a vital skill for a premier who hopes to navigate the treacherous rapids of Ottawa.

Imagine that: fluent in French, a woman, a compassionate conservative with the knack for actually using social media in campaigning, and a politician who will reform the somewhat stodgy Alberta Tory party.

Who else can top that right now?

Better keep a close eye on Ms Redford, Mr Harper. She could easily be drafted to replace you, I expect.

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