Friday, October 21, 2011

Let the people speak: Some comments on the Walkom article on the Cullen Plan

I skimmed through some of 70 plus comments on the Thomas Walkom article on Nathan Cullen's idea to Turf-a-Tory through electoral cooperation between the Liberal, NDP and Green parties before the 2015 election.

This idea is starting to get legs (Walkom's article had over 170 recommendations to read in addition to those who actually commented on it).

Here are some of my extracts from a few of the more positive and not so positive  comments on his article:

If a joint nomination meeting results in the selection of a candidate that a member of either the Liberals or the NDP decides he or she can't support, would that member be ejected from their party for voting Green, let's say?

Canada does not need to APE Arizona or any other failed Red State...the CONS could be blown apart by this...get back to PROGRESSIVE Conservatives for real and that would be better for Canada!

Here in Manitoba, the dippers just won a huge majority again, while finishing in second place in the popular vote count. Don't hear too many dippers here complaining about the fptp system:)

And all this talk about a "solid" Conservative government is hogwash.

The NDP's time in the spotlight will be shortlived once the silly people in Quebec figure out their MP's are useless and never EVER actually expected to win. Yet another desperate move by the left, what a joke.

Funny isn't it, how when the Dippers lose, they scream about how bad FPTP is, and how PR must be implemented. Yet, when they win an election, then all of a sudden the NDP doesn't think PR is needed after all. Perennial losers and whiners are the NDP socialists.

Just because the 65% of the voters didn't vote for the Conservatives does not mean they will vote for the only left leaning party available. They voted against the Conservatives because they had a CHOICE. When given none, it's entirely possible they will vote Conservative or not vote at all.

Anything that will be better represent the 65% of Canadians who vote centre-left in EVERY election is a win for the country and the democractic process. Canada is by far a centre-left country and we're being governed by a right-winger because we keep splitting the vote. This is a fabulous idea that I'm sure is sending chills straight down Harper's back. Let's do this.

If the NDP and Liberals go down this path, another possibility is that voters in these ridings look for alternatives that don't include either party.

The NDP has gained so much
Why no earth would they lower themselves into the political gutter, in fact the festering bowels of politics, and join the Liberals?

This Isn't About Unity
It's people like Cullen who are destroying the NDP. People who can't understand how ideologically we're supposed to be different than Liberals. Men who want to drift us to the centre while still pretending to be on the left.

I like the idea. As long as 60% of votes are divided between 3 parties, Harper's USA First Party, er, the Conservative party, will always win. Canadians should give this idea some serious thought

I guess we will have to wait for the pollsters (those who are tuned in, of course!) to check out the reaction of Canadians of all parties to the Cullen Plan. My guess is that it will start off with support from about a third of respondents, but within two months that support will have increased to more than 50%.

And Nathan Cullen's chances of becoming the up-the-middle second choice for leader of the NDP as well!

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