Thursday, October 27, 2011

Merkel kicks Sarkozy who kicks a cat named Greece

We've just seen a case of trickle down kicking taking place in the EU.  Sarkozy wanted to use the European Central Bank to bail out the banks, but Merkel quickly ruled out, saying it wasn't up for discussion. So other methods were debated and agreed on.

And Sarkozy then gave an interview, and – no doubt smarting from being told what could and could not be discussed by the dogged Merkel – fingered Greece as the cause of all the recent troubles:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said allowing Greece into the eurozone in 2001 was a "mistake".

He said Greece was "not ready" at the time. But, he added, it could be rescued thanks to Wednesday's EU deal on the euro debt crisis.

Naturally, the Greeks have a different view:
Merkel triumphant

In response, Greece's foreign minister told the BBC that Athens was not the source of the crisis, and that no country should be made a scapegoat.

But Deep Throat is convinced of one thing: that President Sarkozy now bewares Greeks bearing bonds ...

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