Friday, October 21, 2011

Signs of Hope: Some MPs in the Liberal caucus support the Cullen Plan

In a wide ranging interview by Tim Naumetz in The Hill Times, Nathan Cullen, the innovative young NDP MP who has joined the race to replace Jack Layton as leader of the NDP, said that he has been getting some feedback from several sources in the other parties regarding the Cullen Plan to reach an electoral ceasefire agreement so as to Turf-a-Tory in the 2015 election.
Tim Naumetz of The Hill Times

Some Tories are concerned; they united to oust the governing Liberals, and know that their grip on power as a government is not very secure, and depends on the non-Tories getting their act together.

And the Liberals are in a bit of a pickle about how to respond to the Cullen Plan:

“If the Liberals flat out refuse to talk with us and act arrogant, as is sometimes that party’s nature, then all the best to them,” he said. “The progressives that I’m talking to will be done with them.”

“I think the Liberals run a real risk here. There’s Liberals, not the leader, but there’s Liberals in that caucus sending me notes saying ‘you’ve created a bit of a problem for us, because if we reject you then where do we go next, how can we appeal to the broad swath of voters?’” Mr. Cullen said.

I believe that anonymous Liberal caucus member is spot on. The name of the game in politics is power – the ability to implement the policies you were sent to Parliament by your voters to implement. And gaining power should be the top priority in every politician's mind when he or she considers new ideas.

And more than 60% of the voters in Canada wanted different ideas to rule in Ottawa, rather than the right wing ideology of Stephen Harper's new Tories.

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