Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tory donors versus Liberal donors in 2010: The 3 to 1 advantage Harper enjoys

In 2010 the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper received donations from almost three times as many individuals as the Liberal Party did.

The Tories raised $17 million from just ovvr 95,000 donors, while the LPC raised only $6 million from just over 32,000 donors.

Here are the results of the parties:

These figures illustrate the magnitude of the rebuilding job facing the Liberal Party. 

For it to hope to ever become competitive with the Tories before and during an election, it is imperative that the LPC increase the number of donors by a factor of 3 times the number in 2011.

The average size of the donations for both parties are roughly the same ($183 for the CPC and $197 for the PC); the NDP had the same average donation from just over 22,000 donors.

If the NDP had some 87,000 members in mid 2011, as some reports have indicated, then it seems that only about 1 in 4 of the Dippers donate money to the party.

Information on the membership of the LPC and CPC is not available, so we cannot calculate how many members actually donate money to those parties. 

If the same ratio applied to those two parties as applied to the NDP (which is questionable for the Tories, especially), then my guesstimate for membership of the LPC in 2010 is around 128,000, and for the Tories around 380,000.  During Chretien's time party membership was around 500,000.

Interesting that the CPC monthly average is only $15 (with the Liberal monthly average $16).

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  1. Of course, for the LPC to match the Tories in fundraising, this would mean (at an average donation of $15 a month), that the LPC would have to add about 150,000 new members ...

    If it falls far short of this target, it will be doomed to face the overwhelming firepower of Tory ads during the next 4 years - and we saw how effective this is.

    The same holds true for the NDP.


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