Sunday, October 30, 2011

Which Canadian federal parties are the Rulers of Twitterdom?

The answer is found in the politwitter website. The statistics on the site are a bit out of date but do give us a snapshot of how the parties fare with regard to twittering.

Premier Redford recently showed the importance of politicians being up to speed with modern social activities methods. We can safely assume that gauges of social activity (such as blogging and Facebook participation) and Twitter activity (tweets and followers) are strong indicators of the modernity of Canadian political parties.

Now let's see which party MPs are technologically challenged compared to their peers and adversaries!

There are 215 MPs on Twitter (70% of the total – incredibly, almost ONE THIRD don't tweet!), and this chart shows the ranking of the parties with respect to number of MPs tweeting, average followers per MP, number of followers, and number of tweets:

Liberals win!

Our MPs kick serious butt in Twitterdom!

Our MPs have a greater proportion of their number who Tweet, and have substantially more followers per MP than the other parties.

The Liberals are far ahead of the pack when it comes to proportion of MPs who tweet – 85% of our MPs do! The percentage for the Tories is 73%, less but respectable; for the NDP a low 65%; and for the Bloc 50%.

Liberal MPs also lead when it comes to the average number of followers per MP (a respectable 6,428) with Tory MPs lagging far behind with only 39% the number of followers, and the NDP MPs with a slightly better 53% of the Liberal MP average followers.

The site also gives the breakdown for the federal MPs in the provinces.

In Ontario, the results are:

So there were almost twelve times more tweets from Liberal MPs from Ontario than from NDP MPs.

It is also glaringly clear that Liberal Senators are not doing their share of attractive tweeting, and have very few followers – it's time for our Senators to earn their pay and move into the 21t century.
How about it, Senators? Make like a bird – tweet a bit for our Party!

Here's the ranking of the Liberal MPs:

 And here's the ranking of followers to following:


  1. You know which party is King of the American Twitter-verse? The Republicans...

    Feel cool now?

  2. Yup.

    Can't let the rightwingers beat progressive folks using new technology!


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