Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Who will nail OccupyWallStreet's theses to the door of modern capitalism?

A pretty fast trajectory for a movement that many dismissed as nonsensical last week:

After a weekend growth spurt, the New York financial district sit-in “Occupy Wall Street” has blossomed into not only a national movement, but also a global one.
More than 100 cities have clocked in under the “Occupy” moniker, with more names appearing on the movement’s unofficial cyber bulletin board, occupytogether.org, every few digital minutes.
Martin Luther, hammer, nail and the door

Large and small towns as well as regions and states are onboard, from Mobile, Ala., to Merced, Calif., to Adelaide (Australia), Cork (Ireland), and Cologne (Germany). The swiftly expanding, loosely organized, and casually affiliated network of protesters is taking over public spaces with sleeping bags, sandwiches, and placards...

Some see OWS as the left's embryonic Tea Party:

Unlike the tea party, which is rooted in the political right, Occupy Wall Street has its roots on the political left, says Professor Kerbel, author of “Netroots: Online Progressives and the Transformation of American Politics.”

The movement was sparked by individuals targeting what they see as the excessive political pull of big banks and the financial sector in contributing to policies they feel are detrimental to the middle class, says Professor Kerbel, a message that echoes “the argument made for several years now by online progressive organizations and blogs.”

“Its organizers have taken advantage of social media and progressive blogs to spread their message, especially when it appeared that the mainstream press wasn’t paying attention,” he says via e-mail.
And Michael Moore says the wrong people are being arrested:
Film maker Michael Moore and others say it’s Wall Street bankers who should be arrested for their role in the country’s economic difficulties.
"The world's economy has been wrecked by these rapacious traders,” author Salman Rushdie tweeted. “Yet it is the protesters who are jailed.”
But the movement is still waiting for its very own Martin Luther to step forward and nail the movement's theses to the door of capitalism. Now that OWS has gone international, there is a bigger pool of potential Martin Luther's to draw from.

Perhaps Michael Moore might be the man of the moment?

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