Friday, November 11, 2011

Fatal Flaw in the Liberal Party Renewal Plan Primary Election of new Leader

The devil is in the details, and Peter Wrightwater of the blog Paper Dynamite Online has just unearthed a major defect in the Liberal Primary Election plan which could have major anti-democratic consequences.

He examines the proposed Electoral College which consists of members of the 308 Council of Presidents (COP) and asks this question:

What happens next? Do the presidents become free agents? Is the third place candidate forced to drop out and only his/her president-electors become free agents? Are we back to back room deals?

The details are not there. The answer to his question is not clear.

It is possible that the slavish use of an Electoral College of the COP is a backdoor way for a candidate for leadership of the LPC to win power even if he or she did not win 50% plus 1 vote; and EVEN IF OTHER CANDIDATES WON MORE RIDINGS!

How could that happen?


The Liberal Renewal Report has this startling statistic:


This is a window of opportunity for a backdoor power grab of epic proportions. 

The candidates for leadership who concentrate from early in 2012 on in getting together a handful or so of their supporters in these 80 ridings and electing a President in each of them who favours them as leader, will enjoy a massive advantage in the 2013 Leadership race should  the events Peter outlines in his blog post unfold.

By "locking in" or "hijacking" the majority of these 80 dormant riding associations and ensuring the President is in his or her pocket, such a strategically devious contender would have ONE QUARTER OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES tied up in 2012 BEFORE the leadership race even begins, for every item that the Council of Presidents has to decide in the electoral college apart from the very first casting of the vote as per the riding's voters decision!

Imagine an American politician going into the US Electoral College with a second-vote advantage of one quarter of the votes!

If this is what the Liberal Renewal Plan can result in, we should scrap it entirely and stay with our One Member One Vote system.

The only way to prevent any such undemocratic shenanigans happening is to strip the Electoral College of all voting rights except an announcement of the results as voted on in the Ridings.

Let the voters in the ridings indicate their first, second, third etc preferences in a preferential voting system, so that the result is crysal clear once all ridings have voted.

And avoid any possibility that riding Presidents – elected by a small number of activist Liberal members – have any residual or direct influence on the outcome of primary vote.
Power to the People, not to the Riding Presidents!

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