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Handy summary of the Liberal Party Renewal Plan – please pass it on

The media has been buzzing with talk about the Roadmap to Renewal and supporting documents, and Liberal circles are also astir. This quick summary gives you the gist of the main proposals, and also some good links.

Please pass this on to friends and neighbours - the more the merrier!

Links for you: At the end of this Summary you will find links to the websites which contain the Roadmap to Renewal documents, and also links to several articles by the media and by bloggers discussing the Roadmap to Renewal.

It is time once again for Liberals to dream and to plan for a better Canada.

Liberals are to discuss the proposed Roadmap to Renewal before the proposals are voted on at the Ottawa Convention on January 13-15 2012. 

Our Party's Six Phase Program:

The Roadmap proposal suggests six phases in the Renewal process:

Phase 1 – Consultation, Reflection and Reform (debate and discussion in each riding of the Party's values and rebuilding agenda, leading up to the Convention).

Phase 2 – Organization, Mobilization and Outreach (streamling our party's structures and establish a modern digitial nerve centre, as well as launching a national outreach effort in all ridings (January 16, 2012 to February 28, 2013)).

Phase 3 – Selection of a new permanent leader  (March 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013).

Phase 4 – Introduction of the new Leader (July 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013).

Phase 5 – Local election readiness.

Phase 6 – National election readiness.

Your suggested amendments to the Roadmap:

You are welcome to submit your own suggestions (including any amendments) for the Roadmap. They must be in writing and submitted to the National Party Office by email at policy@liberal.ca before December 1, 2011.

The 19 Key Proposals in the Roadmap to Renewal

The Roadmap has 19 key proposals under the following 5 themes:

  1. Funding the Party
  2. Engaging Liberals and Rebuilding the Base
  3. Streamlining the Party
  4. Building Transparency and Trust
  5. Preparing for Victory

These proposals include:

  • Liberalist - boosting our Party's ability to increase membership and fundraising by investing in a substantial improvement of Liberalist, our computerized member list;
  • Supporters - allowing people who do not wish to join the party but support its principles to join as Supporters, and to vote in our leadership contest and the selection of the candidate to run to become the MP of our riding;
  • Primary - the use of a primary system to elect our next Leader (staged in regions of Canada over between 10 and 16 weeks in 2013);
  • Plan - preparing an Annual Strategic Plan for the Party with targets for all ridings;
  • Report - issuing an Annual Report to all Party members with financial statements, an assessment of our progress compared to the Strategic Plan, and scorecards of each riding showing that riding's performance in meeting targets (numbers of new members, funds raised, attendance at AGM etc.);
  • Targets - a target of doubling our members in each of the next 3 years, and increasing the number of Victory Fund donors from 10,000 to 80,000 over 3 years;
  • Policy - the next convention to be held no later than May 13, 2014 and to focus on policy and the election platform for the 2015 election.


The Liberal Renewal documents:

The official Roadmap for Renewal document (8  pages long) is online at:

The Background Paper (79 pages) prepared by National President Alfred Apps as a companion to the Roadmap for Renewal, with interesting information about the fall of the party, the activities of our competitors, and hints of even greater changes that might be possible, is to be found here:

The cover letter for the Roadmap (by Apps and dated November 10) sets out the phases for the discussion of the Roadmap and its acceptance at the Convention, and may be found here:

The Liberal blog with details of the process may be found here:

Media and Blogger Commentary on the Roadmap to Renewal:

The excitement is palpable, inescapable. It’s no exaggeration to say that no one can quite recall such exhilaration – not Trudeaumania, not Obamamania, not the Leafs winning two games in a row. And why not? The Natural Governing Party is on its way back, and not a moment too soon.

Federal Liberals, admitting it’s “do something or die,” have kicked off a plan to radically remake the party from top to bottom and get back into serious contention in Canadian politics.

Federal Liberal brass are hoping radical changes to their party's structure and operations will turn it into the most open, democratic and citizen-engaged political vehicle in the country.

The Liberals would introduce a preferential ballot to both the national and local levels and aim to attract new members and “supporters” in the hope of creating a new electoral base of support.

"We believe the convention will be a watershed event, not only for Canadian Liberalism but also for Canada's future as a progressive, compassionate, diverse, bilingual, united and prosperous nation," the paper says.

So the first question Liberals will have to ask is: why? Why be a Liberal, and not a member of some other party? If the answer, as in the “road map,” is merely to restate that the Liberals, unlike their rivals, are a party of the centre, they may need to think again.

If you haven't yet read "A Roadmap to Renewal," the document laid out and published by the National Board, you need to. Because it's important, it's intelligent, and above all, it makes perfect sense.

Liberals acknowledge their party must modernize and start embracing digital technologies. Members will decide whether to sanction online voting to choose the next leader (the fifth in eight years).

The federal Liberals have launched a sweeping revival plan that will change everything from the structure to the culture of their battered party, says Interim Leader Bob Rae.

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