Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Liberals, forgeddabout Ibbitson & Have Your Say in January

John Ibbitson is the latest to weigh in on the Liberal Roadmap to Renewal, with the advice that those who don't like the proposed changes should shut up and vote Yes at the January convention:

All well and good, but there are more than a few influential Liberals anxious to pull you aside to warn of other proposed changes that are not so popular. One of those changes would essentially gut the provincial wings of the national party, so that the national executive could work directly to revive the individual riding associations, about 100 of which are currently moribund.

But many local Liberals see this as a power grab by head office and are fighting the idea.

And then there are the Liberal MPs who question the wisdom of the proposal to open up every riding to nomination contests. Once MPs are elected, these MPs contend, they should be safe from nomination challenges so that they can focus on representing the party in Ottawa.

Someone should tell these malcontents that the one thing the Liberals absolutely cannot afford is a divisive, faction-ridden convention in January. Either the third-place party unites, or it dies.

Thank you, John, but No.

If we are going to be realistic about remedying the democratic deficit in the Party and in the country, we need to start with recognizing the right of party members to disagree on proposed reforms and policies.

And to have their day in court.

If those pushing certain reforms cannot make a strong enough case to carry the reforms at the convention, then that is their fault and their problem. If we listened to the Ibbitson's of the world, we would simply end up with an even worse party than the sclerotic one we now have.

Let's rather open the windows wide, let everybody have their chance to discuss the changes, propose new changes or competing changes, and let's fight tooth and nail over the changes if we disagree.

Any attempt to steamroller dramatic changes through should be resisted on principle.

We know our party has a death rattle in its throat; some of us know that the proposed reforms are very limited and lacking in true reform; and many of us don't know whether the proposed changes are justified, because the convincing case has not been made for them yet.

So let's huddle and talk and then reform our party.
And let's be bold about it, not just talk about boldness and offer pap, as the proposed Roadmap seems to do.

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