Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Magical Potion in the Liberal Roadmap to Power

Lost among all the attention paid to the proposed selection of the next leader of the party through a revolutionary made-in-Canada primary process is a potion whose magical properties will become apparent within a year.

This potion is one of the core keys to the success of the Liberal Party's roadmap. It is part of the changes that will drive success.

The magical potion is the proposal to issue to all Liberal members an annual report which deals with the Party's financial position, its progress against its strategic plan, and each and every ridings' progress against its own targets for increasing membership, signing up Supporters, raising funds and the various other targets set for that riding.

There is an old saying in business: What is measured, improves.

With this annual report, the Liberals are embarking on the transformation of the party from a secretive, top-driven, Ottawa-centered organization to a wider, dispersed and transparent businesslike one.

How will this Annual Report change the party?

Think of it as the Party's annual report card, just like the one that kids take home to their parents.

Every one of our riding associations will be getting its very own report card once a year. And we will each be able to compare our own performance to that of the other 308 ridings.

We will see how we stack up against the others in our province and in the country with respect to dollars raised, memberships signed up, supporters attracted to join as supporters, and the many other tasks that we as a riding will be taking on.

And the whole country will be able to see how the Liberal Party is performing.

You think this will provoke intense curiosity on the part of Canadians, the media and our opposition?

You betcha!

You think this will provide our ridings with positive reinforcement for tackling the mountain that stands between us and the obtaining of power in order to implement actions consistent with our Liberal values?

You betcha!

Now let's all agree to accept this proposal with open arms, and to make it work.

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