Thursday, November 03, 2011

One very good reason NDP members should not choose Brian Topp as leader

After an initial response that was far warmer to the plan of Nathan Cullen to take proactive steps to throw the Harper Tories out of power in 2015, Brian Topp has decided the Cullen Plan has not merit and no support:

If he does win, he has already rejected the suggestion by another leadership candidate, Nathan Cullen, that NDP and Liberal riding associations co-operate at the next election by selecting one "progressive" candidate.

"There are no shortcuts to defeating the Conservatives. We have to present a platform and get more votes than them," he said. "I don't think this idea is attracting a lot of support in our party."
Yet another good reason for those who are serious about replacing the right wing Harper Conservatives as our government not to vote for this candidate. The NDP does not need a man with a close mind to lead it at this historic time. Electing Topp would be taking a chance that the efforts of Jack Layton to break through onto a wider plain were in vain.

If he is so closed to considering valid alternatives, then how can Dippers expect him to react in a positive and innovative way to the Quebec breakthrough?
The last thing the NDP needs for the next five years is yesterday's man, and a business as usual mindset.


  1. Absolutely. If anyone needed another reason not to support Mr. Topp other than he has the charisma of a toad, you have presented another good one.

  2. Everything that Topp has said and done so far really make me think he is Yesterday's Man.

    The NDP will need something with more substance to beat the Harper Tories - Mulcair or Cullen are the better choices so far, in my mind.

  3. Yes to either Mulcair or Cullen


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