Thursday, December 01, 2011

Gingrich & Romney: The Tale of the Intensity Chart

A very interesting chart by Gallup measures the intensity of support of Republicans of their candidates for the presidency. It takes the positives and deducts the negatives.

Since July the chart has been bad news for Mitt and wonderful news for Newt:

As for the rest of the motley crew of clowns the Republicans are inflicting upon themselves, their charts show such steep downward trends that any skier worth their salt would salivate.

It seems that Republicans just aren't into Poor Mitt.

What is it about that bloodless man that people don't like? Isn't he the ideal American candidate: handsome, hairy, well-dressed, shoes shined every day, trim, tall, wealthy, well-spoken, weather vane opinions well-suited for the fickle world of sound bytes ...?

Don't tell me that the Republicans don't like him because of his religion? Surely not ...

Maybe it's because he comes across just a tad too synthetic?
Not like Gingrich: fat, rumpled, looks like a used-car salesman having a bad year  ... definitely not synthetic.


  1. Republicans don't like him because the continuing narrative on Mitt is that he is an eel

  2. I think it goes deeper than that - some instinctive dislike of his personality, not just his ever changing views.

  3. I don't mean that its only his changing views. after all, as Joe Scarborough pointed out the other day, John Huntsman has been more consistently conservative than either of those clowns.

    His ideological slipperiness is part of the eel thing, also with his visible discomfort around regular people- that also makes him an eel.

    I forget who wrote it, but Newt is much better at dog-whislting the base in his flowering verbosity than romney

  4. If Professor Rapaille (of archetypes fame) is right, the code for presidential politics in the USA is 'entertainment' - and let's face it, Mitt is anything but entertaining, while Newt is.

    Newt might be the next president of the most powerful country in the world.


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