Monday, December 26, 2011

Some good reasons for supporting Brian Topp

If he really introduced proportional representation, then he would be a revolutionary prime minister, and go down in history as one of the great ones:

Make no mistake: with Brian Topp at the helm, a vote for the New Democratic Party in 2015 will be a vote for change.

The so-called front-runner indicated in a recent interview the first thing he would do is introduce a "Parliament Act" to "curb the power of the prime minister."

That includes getting to work immediately on some of the biggest constitutionally significant proposals the NDP has in its arsenal: abolishing the Senate, introducing proportionality into Canada's electoral sys-tem and limiting the powers of the prime minister to prorogue Parliament when faced with a confidence vote.

Let's hope that all the candidates for leadership of the NDP commit publicly during the election campaign for such leader to honour and implement immediately the NDP proportional representation policy, whether the NDP forms the majority government in 2015, OR IS PART OR A COALTION GOVERNMENT that replaces Harper's new Tories (a more likely result).

And let's hope that all candidates who run for permanent leader of the Liberal Party of Canada do likewise regarding a commitment to implement proportional representation if the LPC forms or is part of the next government.

Canadians have a right to have their democratic deficits removed by their prime ministers.

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