Monday, January 16, 2012

A Thank You to Alfred Apps

I have not always agreed with Mr Apps on how things were run during his presidency (especially on the ruling that to me seemed to deprive any member who wanted to be an interim leader of his or her rights under the constitution to run for permanent leader).

All Liberal Party members and all Canadians owe Mr Apps appreciation for the dramatic change he and his colleagues have brought about in Liberal Party affairs during the past few months since our May 2011 debacle.

Mr Apps presented to Liberal Party members a Roadmap for Renewal that had some solid, bold and inspiring ideas as to how to reform our party.

And he added an extraordinary background paper, filled to the brim with fascinating facts, challenges, speculation and analyses.

These two documents kickstarted a process which will inevitably lead to a reinvigorated Liberal Party, and the replacement of the sad, idea-less Harper new Conservatives come the next election.

For being so bold in ideas, so provocative in challenges, and so informative in outlining the issues, I thank you.

You have done your party and your country a valuable service.

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