Friday, January 06, 2012

Two Resolutions that deserve to pass at the LPC Convention

I would like to recommend that attendees at our convention pass two revolutions which are aimed at empowering Liberal Party members and supporters.

The two resolutions are:


25. Liberal members’ initiative Proposed amendment: 

That the Constitution be amended to include the following initiative:

(a) The members proposing such discussion or amendment (the "Proposing Members") shall register their Liberal Members' Initiative (“LMI”) with the LPC; 

(b) The Proposing Members shall have the right to use, at no expense, the software provided by the LPC, for the purpose of attracting support from Liberal Members and Supporters ("Party Voters") for the launching of the proposed LMI;

(c) if support is obtained from more than 5,000 Party Voters from 20 different EDAs, the LMI shall be added to the agenda at the next Convention for discussion;

(d) For any LMI which seeks to amend the Constitution, at least (i) 25% of all Members of the Party must have voted in favour of the LMI, AND (ii) 50% plus 1 of the votes cast by all Party Voters must have supported that LMI; and

(e) The Party Executive shall implement the provisions for the specific procedures and conditions required for such an initiative.

26. Inclusion of priority policy resolutions in Party Platform
Proposed amendment:  

That the LPC amend its Constitution to provide that a minimum of three (3) Priority Resolutions of the most recent Convention be included in the next Election Platform of the LPC.

CalgaryGrit has backed supporting resolution 26.

However, both resolution 25 and 26 would provide for greater membership participation in setting policies for the Party, and both should be passed.

Resolution 25 is modeled on a similar constitutional provision of the Liberal Party of Alberta, but lacks the same teeth as the Alberta provision but is better than nothing. The Alberta provision requires the adoption of at least 2 of the top 3 policy resolutions passed at the party convention. This means members can ensure that 2 of their top 3 actually find their way into the party's election platform.

Now that is powerful!

Resolution 25 would incorporate into our constitution the ability of members to have input on what is discussed at conventions, and to change the constitution if enough votes are gathered.

This is similar to the European Parliament's Eurpean Citizen Initiative (ECI), which is being launched this year.

It would be a welcome extension of Liberal members rights and powers.
Let's pass both resolutions 25 and 26 and help remedy our internal democratic deficits.

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