Monday, February 27, 2012

Robocalls: Let's fund The Dirty Seven counter attack

Once more our democratic traditions and rights are under attack by people who would deprive Canadians of the rights that men and women have died to protect.

Let us not take this meekly.

Let us fight to defend our country, our Parliament, and the rights of our Canadian citizens to cast a vote to select their MPs.

Recently the resurgent Liberal Party of Canada flexed its muscles by raising an enormous amount of money to support a byelection.

Now Bob Rae should mandate the immediate setting up of a Democracy Defence Fund aimed at raising money from Liberal members and supporters (and any others who might wish to join  us in defencing our cherished democratic rights).

The Democracy Defence Fund should immediately hire the necessary lawyers and private investigators and other staff needed to dig deeply into the possibility of robocalls and other voter suppression actions taken prior to and on election day in May 2011, with the aim of established a prima facie case for criminal prosecution by the RCMP, as well as court appeals in certain ridings to have the election results set aside by the Supreme Court and byelections held forthwith.

And let's target The Dirty Seven ridings which (according to the valuable post by The Sixth Estate) had a Conservative Party MP elected by a smallish margin, but where there were complaints of voter suppression.

Margins of Tory victory in The Dirty Seven were as follows:

Elmwood-Tancona: 300 votes
Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca: 406 votes
Etobicoke Centre: 26 votes
Mississauga-East Cooksville: 676
Nipissing Timiskaming: 18 votes
Willowdale: 961
Winnipeg South Centre: 722 votes

The first order of business would be obtaining sworn affidavits from enough voters in each of The Dirty Seven ridings to exceed the Tory MP's majority.

How about it, Bob? You said we should fight back hard.

Now establish our Democracy Defence Fund so that we can fight back hard!


  1. Esquimalt elected an NDP MP, not a Conservative one.

  2. All in favour of such a fund. Waiting to donate! We should not be deterred from getting at the truth from lack of money.

  3. Volkov, the fight is for democracy, for all, not just for citizens with a Liberal MP ...

  4. Erm.. but you listed a bunch of Conservative MPs in the other ridings. And you imply the MPs of these ridings as the "dirty seven" - so is NDP MP Randall Garrison one of the "dirty seven," or what? You're not being consistent otherwise.

  5. Volkov, Conservatives are welcome to contribute to the Defend Democracy Fund and to help us widen the number of ridings where possible voter suppression took place.


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