Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2015: The generational shift election

We are seeing the changing of the guard in Canadian politics, when the old warriors are showing their age, and fighting battles that no longer fit the contours of our land.

Come 2015, it is very probable that there will be new faces leading the Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP: younger men, not steeped in battles past, but ready to look reality in its face, and do what is needed to give to Canadians what the majority of Canadians so desperately want.

The majority of Canadians want the honour of Canada on the worldstage restored.

They want a Canada of old, one that led the world into greater things,and not into half-truths and sound bites and the dross of winner take all and principles count not.

They want a Canada where our democratic rights – so hard fought for and won over so many generations – are respected and honoured, not dismissed and debased.

They want a Canada where the nation's business is conducted with dignity and respectm where our Members of Parliament sense the awe that our Parliament demands, and behave accordingly.

There are many in the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party and the NDP who have fought the good fight, but who are tired, who have lost touch with Canadians.

Today, we have two young men who can bring us back to our proud history of honour, and compassion, and willingness to work with others to further the common good.
Not for them the politics of the past, of fierceness in fighting without thought of cooperation amongst men and women of good will from all parties.

In Justin Trudeau and Nathan Cullen we see our future.

Our honour restored in the world.

Our representatives in Parliament working for the good of all Canadians.

Our country restored to what it is: a beacon for the world to emulate.
Let us hope that these two men – working together – can change the way we do things, put the stain of recent years behind us, and give us back the Canada we love.


  1. Young men? What about the young women? This was an amazingly sexist post about the future of Canada. It is very excitng to see the quality of some of the young people getting involved in politics. So many are concerned about equality, justice and the environment, yet still understand that we do need a vibrant business climate. It gives this old broad hope that the darkness of the Harper years will be behind us before the country is totally destroyed. Our young people are going to have a monumental task to undo all the damage which has already been done and that still on the Cons drawing board. We need them all, young men and women to drag us back into the 21st century.

  2. These two young men have come front and forward to challenge the conventional wisdom that there is no need for electoral cooperation between the LPC and NDP. That's why I spoke about two men. If any female MPs in either of those parties stepped forward now, when we need their leadership, I would be delighted to include them in the list of future leaders, showing the way.

  3. I don't think you really understand the results of the last election.People are moving west in droves, Money and Power is shifting west, and west of toronto the name Trudeau is considered poisonous!If Justin Trudeau is considered some kind of future leader, then the party is dead. After all the terrible things the trudeau government did to the west , it will be generations before the LPC will recover!

  4. I understand the fragile hold that Harper's new Tories have on their seats - a dozen or so had average majorities of less than 1,000 votes. The tide has turned - it no longer runs away from the Liberal Party but is ebbing from the Tories.

    The next election - in 2015 but more likely in early 2014 - will not be a repeat of the debacles of the past three elections.


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