Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cooperation: Nathan Cullen on same page as Jack Layton while Mulcair goes his own way

On the single most important issue facing the opposition parties in the next 3 years or so, Thomas Mulcair has come down strongly on one side of the issue, with both Jack Layton and Nathan Cullen clearly on the other.

Both Jack and Nathan believed in cooperation to remove a minority Harper new Tory government.

Thomas has set his mind against this, both before, during and after an election.

The Layton/Cullen approach would mean the chances are very high that Canada would in 2014 or 2015 have a new government to replace the right wing Conservative government.

But because Mulcair is marching to a different drummer, with a different timetable in mind, having Mulcair as the new NDP leader rather than Nathan Cullen means that we will probably have Harper as Prime Minister for the next 7 years and perhaps even 11 years.

And believe me, as Harper once boasted, we won't recognize Canada when he's done!

Thanks, Thomas.

Let's just hope that the Dippers really want a progressive government in Canada, and choose accodingly.


  1. How I choose to rank my ballot (if I get one) will not be based on which candidate is the most like Jack Layton.

    Jack Layton was a strong social democrat who picked the best time for the NDP to cooperate with the Liberals. Before an election, he fought hard for the NDP. He wanted as many New Democrats elected as possible. It was only after an election that the NDP would work with other parties on a case-by-case basis.

    Then again, maybe I want a new leader who is like Jack Layton. I`ll be picking Tom Mulcair as my first choice.

  2. The second and third choices are the ones that will determine who finally wins on the fourth ballot.

    Who do you choose as your second, third and fourth choices?

  3. I notice that Graves of EKOS has voiced support for the cooperation of the LPC & NDP because neither is likely to win a majority of seats in 2015, despite delusional and hubristic beliefs of leadership candidates that they can do it on their own.


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