Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Council of Canadians' Magnificent Seven

Canada's Woodward & Bernstein, Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor, of Postmedia News, today bring us news about The Council of Canadians' Magnificent Seven.

In the 1960 western The Magnificent Seven, based on the 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai, seven gunmen are hired to protect a small village in Mexico from a group of bandits.

The Council of Canadians is springing to the defence of Canadian voters, whose Charter rights to a free and fair vote were attacked by a group of bandits:

A citizen advocacy group is asking the Federal Court of Canada to overturn election results in seven ridings where telephone dirty tricks may have kept voters away from the polls.

The Council of Canadians says pre-recorded robocalls and live calls influenced the outcome of votes in closely fought races in British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon and Ontario.

The group is backing the first legal challenge of election results since the Ottawa Citizen and Postmedia News revealed ongoing Elections Canada investigations into misleading election day calls in Guelph and other ridings.

The organization's lawyers filed four applications in court on Friday and was due to file three more Monday, all seeking have the results of the votes set aside.

The applications claim that irregular, fraudulent or illegal activities affected the outcome in each of the seven ridings.

All of the ridings named were won by Conservative candidates and all but one was decided by fewer than 1,000 votes.

In Seven Samurai the seven fighters were chosen based on tactics, while in the Magnificent Seven the number of seven gunmen was chosen because the number was lucky.

The Council of Canadians chose these seven reasons because:
The ridings involved in Council of Canadians cases were chosen because electors came forward and the margins of victory were comparatively small, meaning there is a reasonable basis to believe the alleged irregularities changed the result, Shrybman said.
The seven gunmen inspire the people they are protecting:
Seeing the gunmen's bravery the villagers overcome their own fear, grab whatever they can as weapons, and join the battle. The bandits are routed...
Let us hope that the fight by the Council of Canadians inspires hundreds and thousands and millions of Canadians to join them in their defence of our democracy against voter suppression.

And when finally the courts have had their say, Canadians can say to the Council what the village leader said to The Magnificent Seven:
"You're like the wind — blowing over the land and ... passing on ... ¡Vayan con Dios!"
 A tip of the hat to Impolitical for flagging the article.

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  1. I am glad the Council of Canadians care for the average person and our democracy.
    We Liberals should pick our leader before well into 2013.
    I have one that would make a good leader..Grant Gordon of Toronto Danforth who raised the Liberals 11%, and he started a month late! He has charisma and is intelligent and a great smile!


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