Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Justin Trudeau believes the centre-left will cooperate in 2015 to replace Harper's Tories

Trudeau speaking about cooperation in 2015

Hat tip to Kinsella for flagging this!

We can place Justin Trudeau in the ranks of the politically astute. He shares with Nathan Cullen a clearsighted view of the realities of a divided opposition facing a tightly controlled, highly disciplined Stephen Harper ruling it over the only rightwing party in Canada.

Addressing students, Trudea said that if by 2015 neither the Liberal nor the NDP had gotten their act together, so that either one could be the logical replacement for the Harper Tories, then "we will have to consider it".  He went on to say that there was "noone" in Parliament apart from the Tories who wanted Harper's Tories to remain in power after the next election.

Clearly, Trudeau is thinking about the reality of a split opposition.

And he is correct that with every passing day more and more Canadians will support pre-election electoral cooperation between the LPC and NDP, and a probable coalition after the next election.

This does not mean a merger of the two parties; but it certainly is realistic that the Cullen Plan and a post-election coalition government of the NDP and LPC will enable Canadians to get a government closer to one that 60% of the voters wanted in each of the past 3 elections.In this respect, the supporters of the NDP and LPC are far, far ahead of their so-called politcal leaders in those two parties.

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