Friday, March 23, 2012

Liberal blogger CalgaryGrit makes persuasive argument for Cullen as NDP leader

WesternGrit ranks the top NDP leadership candidates through the prism of what is best for the Liberal Party, and, while expressly not endorsing any candidate, outlines a very strong case for Nathan Cullen as the best NDP choice for Canada (my underlining):

How would Cullen affect the LPC? Well, if elected leader, he could return us to (at least partial) power sooner than we are planning on... As part of a potential coalition government. I'm not so sure, however, that most Liberals would be ready for that (even IF we want it). Not sure we'd want to do that before properly rebuilding our party. This blogger would certainly support "cooperation" to defeat Harper and his group of AngerCons... However, this blogger would have also worked with progressive conservatives - like Joe Clark - to make a better Canada too.

The LPC could help Cullen defeat the Cons, but in playing "second-fiddle" could also forever be related to 3rd party status. Cullen would, however, bring progressive politics back to the forefront of the Canadian public discussion. An LPC-NDP coalition would also be able to enact a lot of laws that could prevent a Harper from happening again... or at least work hard to ensure the social safety net and caring nation Canadians had grown to respect and take pride in.


The centre-left or progressive Canadians from both the Liberal Party and the NDP would be able to enact laws that give us electoral reform and improve our democracy; that amend some of the horrors of Harper rule; that protect our social safety net; and that restore Canada's image.

The added significance of this post by this Liberal blogger is that it is a sign of a warming between the two opposition parties which holds out a lot of promise of a change of government for the better in 2014 or 2015, when our next election is held.
The cooperation for the good of Canada foundation of Nathan Cullen's campaign is resonating not only in his own party, but in ours.

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