Thursday, March 22, 2012

NDP Members: You can guarantee that an NDP MP will be our next prime minister IF ...

... IF you make your decision to listen to the massive outpouring of views by NDP supporters and Liberal Party supporters, the bulk of whom favour electoral cooperation and post-election cooperation, designed to oust the Harper Tory government and put in place a government more in tune with the 60% of Canadian voters who for 3 elections have not voted for Harper.

IF you vote for Nathan Cullen as your next leader, you will be:
  • increasing dramatically the chances of Harper going down;
  • increasing the chances of electoral reform to make our elections far more democratic.
Think about the comments of a man seasoned in our elections, Frank Graves of EKOS:

Veteran pollster and keen political observer Frank Graves has some sobering insight for the thousands of New Democrats set to elect their new leader this week: short of a “good old nuclear scandal” neither the NDP nor the Liberals are likely to displace the governing Conservatives in 2015 unless they somehow, in whatever way, join forces.

“The more I look at the political landscape and why it’s so dramatically different today than it was five years ago, the more I’m convinced that neither the NDP nor the Liberals are going to be able to safely, or within any margin of confidence, replace this government as long as they remain competitive separate parties,” Mr. Graves told The Hill Times last week when he was asked to ponder for printed history what’s at stake as several thousands of New Democrats, and thousands more online, prepare to cast ballots in what could be the most important decision they have collectively made since selecting Jack Layton to lead them out of the wilderness in 2003.

Think carefully about what your MP Pat Martin thinks:

“We might be able to defeat Stephen Harper in 2015 on our own, but united it’s a sure thing. It would be a majority instead of a minority, and it would have some degree of permanence,” said Mr. Martin, likening the NDP and Liberals to “cousins.”

Think about what ten thousand Canadians recently said about their wish for a change in the form of electoral cooperation and electoral reform.

And consider this: you will be giving voice to 60% of all supporters of the NDP and of the Liberal Party, who want electoral cooperation to enable a replacement  government in our next election. Those people will not be enthused if Thomas Mulcair (with his anti-cooperation stance) wins.

So don't vote for More of the Same.

Rather vote for Victory.

Let freedom reign, and progressive values take their rightful place in our politics.

Vote to promote this man to Prime Minister Nathan Cullen.

It's in your hands.

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