Sunday, March 04, 2012

Roboscam: Is this the smoking gun?

Deep Throat says: Stop the clock!
Hat tip to Saskboy for this bit of sleuthing (along with his many commentators and twitters):
If the Conservative lie that only Guelph is the focus of the Robocalls (RoboCon) investigation, and Pierre Poutine worked only for some rouge op in Guelph, who in Guelph CPC had clearance to access CIMS at a high level and query non-supporters and undecided voters’ phone numbers, to provide that list to RackNine for Poutine’s robodialing fraud and other call centres like RMG who had live-scripted fraud? RCMP and Elections Canada investigators should know this by now, working from CIMS backups of the database at the time of access before May 3rd, 2011. Whose access queried the phone list(s)?


Whose access queried the phone list(s)?

The millstones of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

And that's why Canadians need to get the voter suppression crimes before the courts as soon as possible and as widely as possible.

Forget the Elections Canada investigation and RCMP investigation and any other investigation: right now the key step to be taken in the defence of our democracy is to stop the clock of the Canada Elections Act from ending – WITHIN A WEEK OR TWO – all rights of voters and candidates in the 77 or so ridings so far identified as being ridings where such crimes possibly were committed.

The way to stop the clock is to have voters and/or candidates issue statements of claim under the Canada Elections Act.

As of now, despite all the blethering in Parliament, there seems to be only ONE organization actively taking steps to stop the clock, and that is the Council of Canadians.

Call them up and donate money to them to help stop the clock.

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