Thursday, March 22, 2012

Will Nathan Cullen have to thank these 2 if he becomes leader on Saturday?

We've heard little about the results of the push by these two significant groups, but perhaps by Sunday morning we will all be nodding our heads and saying: Of course! That's what made it possible!
Nathan Cullen - The Uniter

Two online advocacy organizations are giving a potentially big boost to Nathan Cullen’s underdog campaign to become federal NDP leader.

Avaaz and are promoting more co-operation among Canada’s “progressive” political forces to defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

And they’re urging their members — almost 700,000 strong — to join federal opposition parties in a bid to influence their agendas, including their choice of leader.
Both have launched massive email campaigns over the last week, reminding their members that they must join the NDP by midnight Saturday to be eligible to vote for that party’s next leader.

Ask President Obama what he thinks the power of such online advocacy groups is.

Better still, ask his former opponents.

Best of luck, Nathan!

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