Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Harper Tory Government is a bad manager of our economy, says Auditor-General

Harper's government is responsible for the proper functioning of the civil service. One of their key jobs is to ensure that Canada's affairs are run in a competent fashion, lest we slip into the banana republic kind of nonsense that Greece and Italy have.
A key responsibility is for the government to collect taxes which are owed. Harper is failing Canadians by failing to run an efficient tax-collection department, as the Auditor-General has reported:

The Canada Revenue Agency is unable to adequately assess and track potentially millions of tax cheats in the country because of lack of resources, and weak oversight and enforcement practices, the federal Auditor-General said Tuesday.

In his first report as Canada’s Auditor-General, Michael Ferguson highlighted several areas of improvement for the Canada Revenue Agency in how it monitors and enforces cases where individuals and corporations fail to file tax returns, and where businesses fail to register for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

“The Agency continues to struggle to develop measures that demonstrate its effectiveness in addressing filing or registration compliance,” the Auditor-General said.

The CRA has identified the “underground economy” — commercial activity that’s unreported for tax reasons — as one of the biggest risks it faces, yet the auditor found the agency is unable to determine how effective some of its enforcement measures are in recouping unpaid income taxes. 

Officials wouldn’t say how much federal revenue is potentially being lost from tax cheats.
So much for the repeated Tory claims that they are efficient stewards of our country!


  1. Canada will be destroyed, not through cunning or guile, but by incompetent stupidity.

  2. I am the last person to defend the PC, but they had and have a more responsible fiscal policy than the liberals and NDP.
    Most people knew the F 35 was bad, the G20 and G8 were a joke but their election campaign was not about new ways to spend money.

    The underground economy is directly proportional to taxes and government waste, and I have not noticed much change in waste since the PC took over from the Grits.

    I do want another option, not more of the same.

  3. Malcolm, you need to distinguish between real facts, and the spin facts that the Harper new Tories specialize in.

    Take the Tory line that they (and especially Harper) are good managers of the business of Canada. They used this as their framing in the last election: times are tough to so go for stability and competence - choose us...

    But we remember that Harper's government inherited a surplus and blew it; slashed the GST as part of their US-influenced "starve the beast" policy to shrink the role of the federal government a bare minimum of activities; watched in slothful indolence as the worst recession since the Depression roared down on Canada as it did on all other countries, and only took steps to soften its impact and protect our institutions when called by the other parties to do so and threatened with losing power through the Coalition Accord if they did not; lied about the costs of their jets, jails and partisan handouts programs; spent billions wastefully in microslices aimed at bolstering their appeal to small groups of voters, rather than imatinative, nation-building investments in infrastructural projects; entered into free trade agreements without realizing how wrong earlier FTA deals were because they were not fair trade agreements; demonized our civil service ... the list is a long one.

    Harper's aim is to reduce the central government to one with little income, few duties, and very little impact as a world leader in human affairs.

    It is what he always wanted: to change our welfare state infrastructure (through a death by a thousand cuts); to avoid any role for national standards by waiting upon the premiers rather than standing up for something bigger than simply a collection of provinces ...

    Remember his famous firewall for Alberta? That's still his core belief; he is busy building firewalls around all the provinces, to weaken the federal government.

    His and his party's vision of Canada is as mean and small as their behaviour in our Parliament.

  4. I agree with most of your comments but we disagree with the alternative. You seem to think that the Liberals are the answer, I think they are the lessor of 2 evils.

    I believe that we need a smaller government, governments are not very effective in running programs because of the 4 ways of spending money.
    1. spend your money on your self, you are cost effective and quality effective.
    2. buy something for a friend, you are cost effective but not quality effective
    3. but something for yourself with government money you are NOT COST effective but quality effective
    4.buy something for someone else you are not cost effective nor are you quality effective.

    Governments should out source projects but establish good guidelines


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