Monday, April 23, 2012

Ontario NDP's Horwath misses her chance

The Ontario NDP have the balance of power in that province, with the PCs cancelling themselves out of the equation by refusing to cut a deal with the provinical Liberals.

Just before the deadline, both the NDP and Libs reached a deal:

The deal-clincher came on Monday when Premier Dalton McGuinty bowed to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s demand for a 2 per cent surtax on incomes above $500,000.

This move, plus McGuinty’s decision to shift $317 million into child care, hospital funding, welfare and disability payments at the NDP’s behest, was calculated to save the Liberal minority government. Still, it makes what was already a credible budget — given Ontario’s bleak fiscal realities — a better one.

And by cutting this kind of deal, Horwatch showed again that she does not understand the realities of the power equation in the province of Ontario.

She had the chance to demand that the Liberals agree to legislate a chance of the undemocratic first past the post election system by replacing it with a modified proportional representation system.
And she blew it. Another example that the NDP really is only paying lipservice - at the federal and provincial levels - to real political reform.


  1. Voters already rejected a change in fptp. It is dead.

  2. Those referenda were founded in falsehoods, badly run, and designed to fail. So they are not true reflections of a thoughtful, involved and informed citizenry.

    As the provincial Liberal Party found in BC when it tried to treat citizens as fools, Canadians do not take kindly to being treated as simpletons, and guided through misdirections towards a preordained result by the political elites.


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