Friday, May 11, 2012

Harper's government is finding out that if you mess with our Parliament, you mess with Canadians

The inner core of Stephen Harper and his Reform-factioned Conservative Party revolves around an authoritarian streak a mile wide, and a distaste for our democratic institutions (Parliament, the civil service, the courts) that they seldom conceal.

Having treated the House of Commons with contempt, through not answering questions, changing the committee system into a dicatatorial fiat system, reducing the ability of MPs sent to Ottawa by Canadians to represent them, and showing an arrogance and disdain unique among Canadian Prime Ministers, the Conservatives are now facing a backlash.
CARP seniors defend our Parliament

Senior Canadians to the barricades in defence of our Parliament:

The seniors are the first to the barricades, with a game-changing swing in their support for the 'Harper Government' over the Budget omnibus bill and the cavalier changes to the OAS announced on a jaunt overseas by 'Firewall' Stevie:

But, in a development CARP called a “political game-changer,” the Harper government’s use of an omnibus budget bill to rewrite dozens of laws has prompted intense opposition from seniors.

“The vast majority (85 per cent) of CARP members reject the bundling of so many issues within Bill C-38, and as many as three quarters express their opinion in the strongest terms,” the group said in a press release.

“The strength and speed of the rejection of the omnibus (budget) bill is actually greater than their opposition to the OAS changes themselves for which there was still a core group of supporters (25%) who said they would vote with the government regardless and/or accepted the government’s arguments,” CARP said. “This speaks to the strong support that CARP members have for our parliamentary processes and institutions that matter, if possible, even more than their concern for the social safety net.”

This is the beginning of the end for this crew.

Their time is over; now let them depart come the next election and let us restore dignity and respect by MPs to our democracy!

What You can Do to protect our democracy:

Why not become a Liberal Supporter under our new rules, andcast your vote for our new permanent leader in 2013? That way you too can help change the way we let our MPs govern us...

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